Winter Holiday in Gran Canaria – Puerto Mogan   15 comments

Further southwards after another flight and another batch of custard pies in the airport! Gran Canaria for some sun, sea, sand and mountains. Our base was the resort of Puerto Mogan at the far SW corner of the island. I thought a little introductory post about our home before some more dedicated posts to our trips out, walks etc.

It has fine artificial beach, very sheltered and great for swimming


Around the breakwater you can see the next resort tucked among the cliffs as well as the dramatic coastal bluff that separates it from Puerto Mogan.


On our first full day it was somewhat cloudier than expected but no matter as we had to head to the airport to pick up TBF’s sister who was coming out to join us. We decided to take the scenic route through the mountains to get a feel for the island’s interior and its very narrow and twisting roads.


The weather was firmly in the cloudy and cool bracket. We had a very chilly picnic lunch by one of the lakes, Presa de las Ninas, that would have been a lovely spot in the sunshine.


We drove on to the airport past the highest point which was deeply immersed in cloud!

Arriving back at base with our new arrival we went for another stroll around the town and beach.


Dramatic clouds replaced cloudless blue skies.


What it lacked in warm sunshine it more than made up for with light effects on the surrounding hills and trees.


A sunset view from our roof terrace.


Much as the golden light and clouds was impressive we wanted blue skies and sun and for most of the rest of the trip that’s what we got!


The town had a rather nice viewing platform set high (and very steep) on the hillside. Great views over the harbour, coast and town.


Providing people stayed out of shot.


More sunset views from our roof terrace (which was rather fine by the way).


And more views from a second lung bursting climb to the viewing platform.


And a shot of the town at night from a walk up the cliffs on the other side. many more photos from a couple of splendid walks up there in later posts.


Settled in, now it was time to explore and see some of the sights and especially the mountains.


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15 responses to “Winter Holiday in Gran Canaria – Puerto Mogan

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  1. That is an amazing place. What a coastline.


  2. A chilly stop by the lake? You’re all in shorts!! Quality scenery as always though, very jealous of your mid winter breaks.


  3. I went to Gran Canaria, at least 20 years ago. I don’t recall scenery like this. I do remember spending a lot time lying by the pool and listening to ‘Come On Feel the Lemonheads’ which came out 1993, so maybe it was more like 25 years ago. I also remember that in the afternoons the sand on the beaches was so hot that it hurt your feet to walk on it. Also, that there was a really powerful undertow in the sea.


    • From what I hear the islands are unbearably hot in summer and walking anywhere is a complete no go. In winter up in the mountains its very alpine-like. Cool in the shade and as the sun goes down but wonderfully war in the sun, perfect walking conditions. The Canaries have some fairly bland industrial zones and the resorts are as you’d expect but just a modicum of effort takes you to some of the most spectacular scenery I’ve ever walked through. Wasn’t sure what to expect of Gran Canaria but as you’ll see from other posts its easily my favourite and very quiet inland apart from a couple of tourist spots.


  4. Impressive cliffs and nice night photo. Looking forward to seeing more from your vacation.


  5. Dramatic beauty and what gorgeous sunset colours.
    I can hear the lungs almost bursting as you make your climb. Totally worth it!


  6. Wonderful scenery, some rugged country there. Looks amazing.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  7. Looks nice and rugged. I sense some walks ahead!


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