Winter Break in Lisbon – Belem and Evening Sunset Walk   10 comments

Back on to the rather disorganised chaos that is a Lisbon Tram and onwards to the Belem district that holds plenty more of Lisbon’s famous sights. We hopped off at the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos.


It’s a massive and truly stunning building, blindingly white in the winter sunshine. I’m told its equally stunning inside but we’d save that for another day and earlier time as it was thronged with people.


The gardens outside were equally grand and the views were superb.


I had a day in Lisbon on my schools cruise in my youth. I remember liking Lisbon and this is one of the sights I remember from that day, Padrão dos Descobrimentos, a monument to Henry the Navigator, whoever he was.


An impressive structure with great views across the water front to the bridge.


We were here for lunch but all the restaurants looked full until we found one that looked expensive but I was tempted in because I was hungry and because the stunningly attractive waitress beckoned me in and found us a table. It was expensive but the food was really good (and we had another custard tart for pudding!)

The Belem Tower is one of the most famous sights in Lisbon and on a clear and sunny winters day it does gleam in the sunshine.


Its very ornate and its position right by the waterfront is a fine one.


We declined the offer of a long queue and headed back to the flat.


We stopped off at Placa do Comercio which looked very fine under in the afternoon sunshine. We would have lingered a while but they were testing out the sound system for New Years Eve with bass so loud and low my kidneys were vibrating.


We could still hear it a couple of levels down in the Metro station. Last shot of the castle to bring the day full circle.


Well almost. Me and TBF decided there was enough daylight for another stroll so we headed out to the Miradors from the day before to watch the sun go down.


The white buildings and red roofs were especially fetching in the low sun.


The views from the Miradors were superb.


We wandered back to the flat past the Igreja de São Vicente de Fora.


And the Pantheon.


Both just catching the last of pink glow of the setting sun.


Our walk back took us through more wonderful narrow streets packed with tiny restaurants. Lisbon seemed to have more of these than any other place I’ve been. I wanted to eat in every one.


Many of the houses has this tiled effect on the outside.


And one final shot of our flat and the lovely little square it sat in.


A fabulous day in the sun and we all agreed Lisbon is a fine city and pleased we decided to explore as part of our New Year trip.


Onwards and southwards to the Canaries!


10 responses to “Winter Break in Lisbon – Belem and Evening Sunset Walk

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  1. So glad you found it as stunning as we did on our visit. Fabulous images and what a sunset! The mouth waters for a custard tart.


    • We loved the place. So very different from the other cities we’ve been to over the past couple of years. We got lucky with the weather as it can be wet and cold at this time of year. I really miss my custard tarts! 🙂


  2. Great architecture. I went to the wrong school. Only trip we had was one single day in Helensburgh- and it rained for most of it. They didn’t trust us abroad :).


    • It was interesting trip the cruise and even though the ship was a proper luxury cruise ship for paying guests, the schools bit was basically a floating youth hostel and very basic. We slept in a dorm in the bowels of the ship, all pipes and no windows. Saw the canaries before the mass tourism plus Madeira and Porto as well as Lisbon


  3. Wonderful architecture,looks splendid.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  4. Wow, that “Henry the Navigator” monument is amazing! Thanks for another photographic tour of Lisbon.


  5. What’s the building in the third shot? Is it more of the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos? That and the monument are both very striking. The Bethel tower looks quite odd, like something from a Terry Gilliam film. The city looks finer still when blushed pink by the winter sunset. Marvellous.


    • Yep, it’s the same building, it’s huge. I probably should have taken more of a walk around the outside but we were on a mission to get lunch. I see what you mean about the tower and Terry Gilliam, its a strange thing, looks quite out of place like a folly. If I’d realised how the sunset was going to light up the buildings I’d have gone out earlier. Its a great time of year to see that kind of low light on a city whose buildings are primarily white.


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