Winter Break in Lisbon – Castelo de Sao Jorge   17 comments

After a somewhat cloudy first day, we awoke on our second day to this view across the square from the apartment. Not too shabby a day.


First stop was the Castelo de Sao Jorge, one of Lisbon’s best known sites. Stopping off at the Mirador above on the walk up.


The entrance to the castle has a large terrace with shady trees from which there are spectacular views across the city, the Tagus river and the famous suspension bridge the Pont 25 de Abril.


A zoom shot of the Elevador de Santa Justa that we walked past the day before.


And the Se de Lisboa cathedral


We took a moment to sit in the warm sun and for me and TJS to enjoy a second breakfast. Pastel de Nata is the local pastry, a custard tart made with flaky pastry and they are gorgeous. This one was warm from the oven and was the best we had. To say me and TJS were obsessed with them was an understatement. At a guess I reckon we ate pushing 30 between us over a couple of days plus an airport stopover on the way home. No finer spot to enjoy this one.


The Santuário Nacional de Cristo Rei.


And more views across the red roof tops of the city.


The castle is really well preserved and looks not unlike the castles I used to draw as a kid, all pristine square towers and battlements.


What it lacked in spiral staircases and passageways it made up for with walks around the walls which were extensive.


Across the rooftops of the Alfama district.


I think there was a Camera Obscura in this tower (there was a queue to get in)


Family shot enjoying the sunshine.


After a very happy morning enjoying the views and the clear blue skies we headed down into the city. A view from one of the city squares back up to the castle.


A fine way to spend a morning. Castles and custard tarts, a great combination.


Off to find some lunch and some more Lisbon sights.


17 responses to “Winter Break in Lisbon – Castelo de Sao Jorge

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  1. You take your family on such wonderful vacations! I’m learning a lot about Lisbon. Another place I’d love to visit. P.S. your wife and daughter sure look alike!


  2. Brilliant sky, sensational views and an abundance of Pastel de Nata = a perfect morning!


  3. Castles and Custard tarts should have been the name for the post!!


  4. Looks fantastic. Those custard tarts sound delicious.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  5. Can’t believe how old (relatively speaking!) your daughter looks now!


  6. Like the castle and the Christ figure. I notice the rooftops there are not covered in solar panels yet, despite having more sun. Every second or third roof here has them ….on a cloudy island. Maybe they do not have such large winter heating costs though to justify putting them on?


    • It would be a travesty if they did put solar panels on those lovely red roofs, it’s a quintessential part of the Lisbon skyline. Mid winter and it was no more than cool when we were there even on a clear night


  7. Looks like another place to add to the ever growing bucket list. So many places, so little time ☹️ . Mind you, I’d need to avoid those custard pies!


  8. What a difference a day makes, and some blue sky! This is the stunning looking city I remember from you FB photos. And a castle! And more custard tarts! You’ll have to draw up some sort of contract with the Ginger Whinger to provide a regular supply. I’m sure he’d be only too happy to oblige.



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