Pre-Xmas Warm Up in Yorkshire – Part 1   23 comments

Our usual Xmas gathering of friends. Same area of West Yorkshire but a different location for the accommodation, the bunkhouse at Gearstones Lodge – very good it is too!

After an evening of catching up and a morning of over-consumption at breakfast, exercise was needed. The weather was the seemingly traditional grey and damp we always have but the company of good friends always helps to make the walk very much worthwhile. We’d planned a walk from Horton in Ribblesdale back to the bunkhouse via Pen y Ghent and a few other key sights.


A grey day without any sunshine but we still had some views.


A special photo of TBB as she didn’t want to be photographed or have he new blog name reminded – sorry TBB! 🙂


Pen y Ghent loomed in and out of the cloud. We had a few tempting glimpses of brightness but it never materialised into anything that could be classed as sunshine.


A brief stop to take on extra clothes and food. It was pretty miserable at this point but we find fun in the most unlikely places


It was the briefest of stops on Pen y Ghent, it was pretty grim and for a while pretty wet.


Once below the summit things improved both in terms of weather (it stopped raining at least) and in terms of sights. Being a limestone area, potholes are everywhere and we took a look at two of the finest examples. This one is the narrow defile of Hunt Pot.


We scrambled down to the edge and found a sheltered and somewhat precarious spot for lunch.


And thence to Hull Pot. This is a massively impressive hole in the ground, its size due, I assume, to a collapsed cavern roof. I’ve only ever seen it in dry weather so it was a stroke off luck to see it with water pouring in.


It looks like a fine spot for a wild camp if a little popular.


From there we had the minor challenge of a further 5-6 miles to walk back along the Ribble Way with around an hour of light left. Those maths don’t add up and we ended up walking over an hour in complete darkness. I actually enjoyed it and the benefit of OS Maps on my phone really came to the fore – I’m pretty sure we’d either have had to walk along way around on the the road or we’d have taken ages getting lost without it.


A grand walk despite the gloomy weather and a decent 12 mile stretch. We’d earned a slap up meal and a few beers so that’s exactly what we did!/

And that will be it from me for 2018. Off tomorrow to Gran Canaria for our usual dose of winter sun (via a short city break in Lisbon). Happy Xmas and New Year to you all! 🙂


23 responses to “Pre-Xmas Warm Up in Yorkshire – Part 1

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  1. James and I camped just upstream from Hull Pot once. It was a nice spot!


  2. Some great atmospheric photos there which is especially impressive knowing what the conditions were like. A happy Xmas and New Year to you too; have a good time in Lisbon/Gran Canaria. Don’t eat all the Portuguese custard tarts (again). TBB tells me that you are bullying her. And that your punctuation leads her to suspect that you were drinking when you wrote this post. Cheeky isn’t she! I left the remnants of a very old bottle of Glenmorangie in the kitchen at Gearstones, I hope somebody picked it up. That pot we visited yesterday is called Calf Holes and the resurgence, at Browgill Cave, is a little upstream from God’s Bridge. It’s a good pull-through expedition for beginners apparently. We’ve just polished off Christmas dinner/tea – turkey, sausage meat stuffing, pigs-in-blankets, nut roast, roast potatoes and parsnips, carrots and a host of green veg. Oh, and a bottle of Prosecco. We have new games to play from our kid, so all very happy here. Cheers!


    • Sadly I’m stone cold sober – my punctuation is just naturally poor, not that I care that much. TBB will have to educate me 🙂
      Wonder if we could explore upstream from the bridge in that cave (in much drier conditions!) The drop into the top looked quite big – a great walk that one, post to come in a couple of weeks (after some smug sunshine photos). We had a cracking walk on Farleton Fell on the way home as well – we waved!
      Your Christmas Day sounds very different to ours. No alcohol, no presents, leftover pizza and chicken/chips and lost of packing.
      Have a great Xmas and New Year with the gang
      “Are you playing now, dear!!” – Classic 🙂


      • You’ve made me giggle all over again. I’ve read that there may be access problems with Browgill Cave. Also – having watched the video, it looks like there are some tight sections between the two, so starting from the bottom would definitely be my preferred option. There are several caves close to Gearstones too.


  3. Cool waterfall! That looked like a totally miserable day, kudos to you and your friends for getting out there. Enjoy some well-deserved sunshine.


  4. Nice potholes. Loved the caving trips down there years ago. Was back down recently hill walking and got very similar weather to you. Thick mist on anything over 1000 feet high.


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • I love that part of Yorkshire, even under grey skies, always lots of things to keep the eyes and senses interested. I’ve always found caves and the underground world fascinating.


  5. Well done all, given the conditions. These potholes with their cascading waterfalls are very impressive. Enjoy the sunshine and best wishes for an amazing 2019. Happy New Year.


  6. A fine walk, mind, the awful staircase at the back of Pen Y Ghent rather spoils things a bit. There some fine wild camp spots further up the beck from Hull pot. Not so many folk wander up there. Nice to see it coming over the edge.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  7. Hope you’ve had a good Christmas and that you have a good holiday and a happy new year.


  8. OMG, what a hike and photos. I enjoyed every photo, but this stays in my mind: the briefest of stops on Pen y Ghent. 🙂

    Happy New Year.


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  10. Love the waterfall!


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