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This Marilyn bagging is becoming addictive, not in a completist sort of way (I have zero chance of ever finishing them even by country) but in a desire to explore new corners of my local parts of South Wales, the Marches and Shropshire.


After my walk the previous day I was up late and wasn’t planning a walk but the weather looked like it might deliver some decent sunshine between the showers so I headed out on a whim. Another new summit, this time High Vinnalls from Overton Common. The woods at the Black Pool car park are crossed many numerous trails and it was a pleasant walk up through Haye Park Wood. When I emerged from the trees the sun came out and the views were sensational.


These shots were taken from the curiously named Climbing Jack Common.


The equally curiously named Titterstone Clee Hill with its radar dome really stood out in the sun. For some reason it remained in the sun pretty much all day or at least whenever I glimpsed it.


Seen here with its less dramatic but higher neighbour of Brown Clee Hill.


In no time at all I was on the summit of High Vinnalls and the views were superb. Sunshine looking east towards the Midlands, dark and stormy towards the mountains of central Wales.


The forest doesn’t reach the top so the views are wide and expansive. It really is an exceptionally fine summit and not one I ever knew was there even though I drive past it regularly heading north along the A49 in Shropshire.


It was also remarkably quiet, just a handful of folks out for a Sunday stroll with a variety of bouncy dogs.


A view to South Wales and the Black Mountains. The pointy peak on the horizon just left of centre is Ysgyryd Fawr.


And across the Marches to the Malverns.


There seemed to be plenty of paths and options to make a good circular route. I chose to walk along the top of Hanway Common.


Before heading down towards the pretty village of Richards Castle. I used to get very excited as a kid to see any place name with the word “Castle” in it figuring every one would have a castle. They rarely do or at least nothing more than an old motte and bailey (historical speak for a mound and a ditch). This is all Richards Castle has sadly.


What I did get were some stunning rainbows including a double one below that I only noticed when I looked at the photos at home.


A walk along the muddy lanes was just as enjoyable in the late afternoon light.


This ruined old barn catching the sun also caught my eye.


As I reached woods where the car was parked the sun came out delivering more glorious autumn colours and rainbows.


As it was a day not meant for stopping (it was cold and windy on top and very muddy lower down) I’d covered over 6 miles in just a couple of hours


Yet another new hill and yet another good one. Long may the Marilyn’s rule!


15 responses to “More New Places – High Vinnalls

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  1. There’s certainly plenty of them to rule. Wait until you get to the sea stack list of Marilyns. Some of them are well scary.


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • Yeah – the sea stacks were the one’s that immediately came to mind to block my efforts although I didn’t realise Ireland has almost as many as Scotland!! Still, they are getting me out and about


  2. Glad you finally had some sunshine for your hike! It’s fun to discover new places isn’t it?


  3. I have a lovely image of you now, pipe clenched beneath a walrus moustache, setting out in tweed jacket and plus-fours on a Quixotic mission to conquer the Shropshire sea-stack Marilyns.
    This one looks to have been a great find. Is there a Marilyn somewhere in the Clee Hills too?


    • The Shropshire sea stacks somewhat limited by a lack of coastline 🙂
      Both of the Clee Hills are Marilyns. The Brown Clee was a boggy and uninspiring lump when I did many years ago. The Titterstone one I’ve driven over hundreds of times on the way to and from my Nan’s caravan but I’ve never actually walked to the top. I’ll be correcting that omission in due course

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  4. A fine excursion, never been to that one. Great photo of sunlit trees against the dark sky.
    I’ve used hill lists in the same way, mainly linking Deweys rather than Marilyns, when I get “backpacker’s block” trying to think of new routes in new areas. Most have been very successful and sometimes there are real gems to be found.


    • I like that last photo as well. It’s been a good year for autumnal tree photos.
      This one comes highly recommended, A superb viewpoint and interesting walk. Shropshire has loads of these sorts of hills, wooded, often with remains of habitation. They tend to be a bit muddy at this time of year but for me they are perfect for those days when you don’t want to be out too long or too high in uncertain weather and as you can see with the low sun and dark clouds you get some stunning images that you wouldn’t get in the high mountains. I’ve still quite a few left in Shropshire and mid-Wales to bag 🙂


  5. It seems that autumn has arrived there. I enjoyed Your beautiful photos. Sun shine made some photos very lively. Thank You sharing this post with us.


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