Wet and Windy in Westwood   12 comments


The weekend started out with a night out in Bristol with friends old and new from my Bristol connections. A cracking night out with plenty of laughs and a nice view from my hotel.


A very long and leisurely breakfast wasn’t quite enough to dispel a mild hangover so a walk on the way home was in order. It was a pretty grim day, dark, stormy and windy so I picked another new Marilyn to attempt between Usk and Chepstow, Wentwood.


It was chucking it down when I parked up in an empty car park at Cadira Beeches. I headed out with the wind howling through the trees above me but sheltered from the worst of it. 


Being a forested hill, views were a bit limited and when I did find a break everywhere looked damp and wet. The hangover was gone though!


I reached the summit to find one of the saddest and most neglected Trig pillars I’ve come across in quite a while.


I had some occasional glimpses of blue sky and sunshine through the dense forest.


The broad forestry track I’d been following degenerated into a muddy trawl. I’m becoming used to the idea that mud is a feature on these lower forested hills. A showery view over the Usk river valley.


After walking the length of the ridge I turned to follow a parallel track below the ridge to the south heading back towards the car.


The weather started to improve a bit with less rain, more flashes of sunlight but still with a howling wind above me.


Passing Little Oak and Foresters Oak before reaching a point called The Five Paths. I turned for the short walk back to the car and was greeted with a patch of expansive blue sky and bright sunshine.


Keen to try and get some views over the valley I struck out on a thin but exceptionally fine path through the woods. Whilst I didn’t really get any wide views the forest was a little less dense so I could at least sense the sky was clear and sunshine was up there, somewhere.


Some more muddy paths took me through a succession of wooded glades and paths before I was back at the car.


I was only planning a short stroll to blow out the cobwebs but I was enjoying being out and clocked up 6 miles in a couple of very blowy hours.


It would be a fine place for a walk in Spring or autumn when it might be a bit less soggy. Another new place discovered and I have to say I’m enjoying the new places the Marylin’s list is introducing to me.


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12 responses to “Wet and Windy in Westwood

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  1. What a lovely view from your hotel. After such a hot dry summer, I guess the farmers are loving all this moisture.


  2. Blimey, you’ve really got the Marilyn bug! I understand now why we had to go and do Gummer How, not that I mind: it was a very fine walk. The Usk valley – does this make this walk somewhere near the Brecon Beacons then? Have you got Marilyn related routes planned for our Gearstones trip?


    • Gummers How was pre-bagging days but I was disproportionately pleased when I found it was on the list. The Usk is a long river and is the one on which Newport sits so its close to there. I was hoping for some views across the Severn Estuary and the bridges but it was too grim for that. Yorkshire is not well furnished with Marilyns with it being a sprawling mass although there are couple in range and in my sights. Interesting to where they crop up. There are probably 15-20 in Mid Wales and the Marches but Dartmoor only has one.
      And another outing coming in the next post


  3. Love city walks. Mud seems to be the dominant feature for Nov, Dec so far at any height. No surprise after weeks of rain. At least it was semi sheltered. The last of Will Millard’s Hidden Wales TV progs was on tonight, including a two mile long tunnel that may open to the public. A good rainy day alternative.


    Blue Sky Scotland
  4. I enjoyed your photos of the forests. Usually you’re hiking wide-open, treeless vistas! Good for you for braving the windy damp weather (and hangover) to get your hike in.


    • I’m enjoying exploring a new type of terrain. I’m a mountains man at heart but my local area has lots of these wooded hills although not all have rights or way for access so a little discrete trespassing is required


  5. Looks like the same weather I had on Sunday when I was out, sunshine and showers all around. Nice little walk though, you’ll be bagging the marilyns at this rate


    • Another one coming shortly. There is an outside chance I may get around to ticking all the English or Welsh ones but little chance of ever completing the Scottish ones. As for Ireland – considering there are about 500 and my total so far is 0…… 🙂

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  6. Impressive stuff. This hill bagging thingy can lead you to some obscure areas. Mind, you have the benefit of exploring new horizons!


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
    • I’m enjoying the discovery – I’m not a bagger just for the sake of completing lists but I do like the fact they compel you to explore somewhere new. So far its really opened my horizons especially when the weather rules out the higher summits


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