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Every year round about this time me and TJS head up to Manchester for a football match, a few beers and a curry. This year it was against Bournemouth, decent game, City won and despite some dreary weather, and a bad cold for me we had a top day out.  We stayed over with The Hard Man to the west of the Peak District and were hoping from some decent weather and a long walk. November delivered another dismal damp day but not bad enough to deter us from a  shorter walk. With a  few hardy souls we parked up near Bosley Reservoir for a walk over a couple of the smaller hills. Sadly no new Marilyns for me although I did get a view of one from the car of Bosley Cloud.


The first mile or so along the shore of the reservoir was muddy but pleasant enough and it had actually stopped raining for now.


A few nice shots of and through the trees.


Steeply up through the wet grass and mud (and some very slippery stiles) on to Sutton Common with its massive telecom tower. Sitting right on the edge of the Cheshire Plain the views are expansive and considering the weather not at all bad. The white dot in the middle of the photo is Jodrell Bank telescope.


Still plenty of storms and showers that we seemed to miss the worst of. The top of the tower in and out of the mist.


On the top it was windy and cold and not a day to linger. Probably not the best idea to head out into the cold damp weather with a head cold but I reckon sitting cooped up inside is just as bad.


As we dropped down onto the ridge of Bosley Minn or Wincle Minn (my map shows both names on either side) there were some shafts of sunlight that gave us views to make the walk very much worthwhile more than just exercise.


We were back home at The Hard Man’s place for a late lunch and several brews of tea and cake.


A great weekend with plenty of laughs (if The Hard Man offers to show you his photo collection then I’d decline if I were you), good company and exercise with beer and curry thrown in. What’s not to like!

And with that I’m up to date on the blog for the first time in about 6 months!


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  1. You got better weather that day than I did in the Lakes – I got very wet. Discovered an interesting new route though – looks like you did too.


    • It was a bit grey and damp but didn’t rain that much. It would be a fine route in better weather. I was feeling pretty grotty with a cold so didn’t enjoy as much as I would otherwise. Looks forward to the report on your walk some time later next year


  2. What’s not to like? Well the choice of football match for a start!! (From an LFC fan!). Still your walk was good and the weather was as good as I’ve seen for a month. Just hoping the predicted cold snap is here for this weekend


    • I appear to have let a rival into my blog – and one above us in the table now! 🙂
      Sadly the cold snap doesn’t seem to have arrived, just another wet snap. Couple of good short walks this weekend though.

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  3. Nice one Andy


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  4. Mud has featured heavily last few trips I’ve been out so nice to see some green paths there. A very wet month. 14 years old when I saw my one and only live football match, an old firm game, and was lost for over half of it in a hostile crowd of 50,000 when the adult relative I was with snuck me in through the boys gate via an insider pal for free then couldn’t find me afterwards.. Maybe that put me off as it was a surreal experience on your own for most of the match surrounded by much taller howling angry adults screaming abuse at events on the pitch for the next 90 minutes. I didn’t find it very addictive although I watch certain big games on TV occasionally.


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • I used to have a season ticket but once I moved down south, the constant travel every couple of weeks was just too much so I just go once or twice a season now. As much for the social side of a few beers and a curry night as anything else


  5. Very close to us! Never been up there, though……


  6. Great perseverance, weather and blog-wise, both giving a great sense of accomplishment.


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