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Time to head back out on my quest for new and less walked hills courtesy of my new found interest in the list of Marilyns.


This time my poring over maps found Seager Hill in what looked like a fairly nondescript corner of Herefordshire. There were paths marked but no rights of way so I was keen to avoid any “get off my land” encounters. In the end I saw no-one at all.


It had been dank and dreary weekend and even the slight lifting in the gloom engendered low hopes for anything other than an excuse for a bit of fresh air and exercise. A short steep climb from the road had me on top of the ridge which was open with surprisingly good views across the Herefordshire countryside towards the Malverns.


The area is clearly very much dedicated to the shooting fraternity judging by the viewing seat above and the hundreds of pheasants I startled on my walk.


As I walked past the Trig pillar and on past the highest point, ticking my list as I went, the skies began to clear a little and there were some broad shots of sunlight. I hadn’t expected to see any sun so was lifted by this positive turn in weather.


I dropped down into the forest to try and make something of a circuit but it was boggy and wet with deeply rutted tracks that were hard to walk on.


On my way back up the sunshine was catching this autumnal bush perfectly making it look like fire.


When I was back on the ridge there was a large patch of blue and a pretty decent setting sun.


A view back along the ridge.


I was amazed at my luck again. From a walk designed merely to take a stroll for some fresh air in new surroundings I had a pretty superb finish to the day.


The walk along the ridge was a pleasure, having it all to myself made it even better.


Every gap in the trees gave a new view of the setting sun and pink clouds.


The walk back down through the forest was muddy and a bit of a pain but worth it to make a decent circular walk to fill a couple of hours.


Just short of 4 miles over an hour or so that rescued a dreary weekend of domestic chores and playing with my new smart home kit. Life is full of delights, planned and otherwise.


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  1. There’s a dedicated band of Marilyn and trig pillar enthusiasts who will have trespassed there before you, but I must admit it always makes me feel uncomfortable. Looks like a nice walk though. ‘Smart home kit’ – does this mean you can close the curtains from a distant campsite and turn off the TV from work in case TBF is watching Jeremy Kyle?


    • I wouldn’t walk up here if I heard gun fire that’s for sure. It does add an edge when effectively trespassing but it was very late in the day so I reckoned I’d be the only one up there.
      Smart Home kit allows me to do just that – completely pointless but great fun. I can now play with my TV, Heating and Lights from my phone and also by voice control. Its the future 🙂


      • Is there a ‘turn all the lights out’ command? It would save me wandering around the house after the kids turning off our illuminations and chuntering bad-temperedly.


        • Sadly you could do that if all your bulbs were “smart”. I definitely need one for the upstairs toilet seeing as TJF never, and I really mean, NEVER, turns it off! Sadly you have to be clear and specific with voice commands, I doubt my Amazon devices will respond to me chuntering 🙂


  2. Glad you had some sunshine for your walk! I always try and get out, even if the weather isn’t supposed to be great. Half the time I get lucky and doge the rainshowers.


    • Experience over the past month has told me its always worth going out at some point over a weekend even in the rain. There is always something to catch the eye as well as much needed fresh air. I took inspiration from your blog as I saw you always seem to go out whatever the weather and enjoy it


  3. A very rewarding hike. I love the sunset colours and vistas. I too am curious re ‘Smart Home Kit’. I wonder if it is anything like a kit all households here received several years ago, to be more energy efficient.


    • That sunset came as a real surprise, it was very dull and grey when I set off but the skies cleared in a matter of minutes and it was raining again within an hour of me getting home.
      As per comment to Mark above this Smart Home stuff is all about controlling household stuff from phones and by voice. Its mainly a bit of fun rather than being genuinely life changing (although voice controlling my music while I’m cooking is handy). I’m a bit of gadget geek so I love this stuff. Turning lights on/off and changing the colour/brightness by voice is pretty cool 🙂


  4. It’s usually quiet walking the Marilyns. I really enjoyed the Malvern Hills down there. A great range to traverse across. Watched a BBC 4 three part Prog called Hidden Wales with Will Millard. Full of interesting abandoned buildings from vast castles to spectacular tunnels, mansion houses, asylums and caves. Your neck of the woods Andy so I thought you might enjoy it for future info while its still on catch up. Fascinating and obscure buildings just left abandoned.. .


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • I’ll have to look that program up – sounds like my kind of thing for ideas for further exploration. The Malverns are a fine range. I have a plan forming for a full end to end walk and return by train


  5. So many great sky and cloud photos. Landscape looks very interesting. Thank You sharing this post with us.


  6. Looks very pleasant, just a pity about the mud!


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