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Another day and another Marylin bagging session. Solo this time while the Funsters went to play on a climbing wall. Weather looked rather poor as I drive across and parked up in a deluge. Boots on and the rain had stopped. As I set off the sky was a deep blue and the autumn colours magnificent.


My first target was Wapley Hill, another Iron Age Hill Fort. The forest was dark in places but in others the clearings gave some spectacular views across the patchwork of fields and the changing colours of the forest. The yellows seem especially vivid this year (or I’ve just never noticed them before).


The colours were staggering, absolutely stunning.


The summit of the hill had extensive earthworks and pillow mounds where they apparently reared rabbits (I didn’t think rabbits needed any help to breed).


I think this is taken from the highest point although the top is very wide and its hard to tell where the exact summit was.


I wandered along the ramparts but it was overgrown and my feet were getting wet so I reverted to the paths.


The top is very flat and pretty soggy but it was a nice place to wander and I had it to myself.


Through the trees I could glimpse more bright coloured trees and views across the Lugg valley.


A rainbow to remind me the threat of rain was ever present.


More stunning colours.


The paths here are numerous and wandering around in my own little private world I neglected to check the map and went down the wrong path! A bit of bashing though the bracken and brambles in the forest and I was back on track.


The path along the edge was wonderful and peaceful with gorgeous glimpses of pastoral countryside that typifies the Marches.


On reaching the bottom of the hill the skies were still blue and sunshine abundant so I decided to bag another Marylin across the valley.


I had a short sharp shower and then long but equally sharp climb back up another hill and along another path that gave superb views.


A careful eye on the stormy conditions all around.


And finally reaching the top of Shobdon Hill for my second summit of the day. Just a track through the trees and not terribly inspiring except for the views to the north through a clearance of trees.


Not bad for hill I didn’t even know was there!


And a picture of yours truly to mark the event.


This is the highest point on the hill. Clearly not many people make the pilgrimage to this summit.


I managed to go wrong again on the way down and had to to do small amount of off piste round these fields to get back on track. I fell over in the nettles for my trouble.


Emerging from the trees the views were once again magnificent.


Looking across to Wapley Hill.


And back up to Shobdon Hill where I’d come from.


All that was left was a longish walk back up the road to the car. 9 miles in the end and a pretty damn fine walk.


From a weekend that promised some pretty rank bad weather I extracted two of the finest walks of the year. Shows what pleasures the UK has to offer if you make the effort to seek them out.


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  1. Whereabouts are these obscure summits? Looks like the sort of countryside we see when we drive down to yours avoiding the motorways. It also looks like superb walking. As you say, the colours are superb. Aren’t hot summers supposed to supply good autumn colours – sunshine allowing leaves to store more sugars or somesuch? (I may have invented that.)


    • Probably further west than you’ve been, these hills are near a place called Presteigne which is halfway between nowhere and the back of beyond. It is similar to the hills around Ludlow where you will have driven past and indeed stopped with us at Stokesay castle. The tree thing sounds plausible. It might have been the light conditions but I don’t remember seeing colors that vivid on trees in the UK before, especially those bright yellows.


  2. Well, I am gobsmacked by these intense autumn colours. BTBounds comment does seem quite plausible to me too.
    I couldn’t get over the stunning clear blue sky in one direction and the threatening dark clouds in the opposite.
    Wow, how wonderful for you.


    • “Sunshine and Showers” is one of the most commons of UK weather forecasts. Depending on the balance between the two dictates the kind of day you have. At this time of year when the rains stops and the sun comes out and low in the sky the light effects can be superb. I got lucky this day, there were showers tracking all around but it only rained a couple of time and each one short enough that it was barely worth putting waterproofs on


  3. Wow, what gorgeous colours!


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  4. Lovely photos there, Andy!


  5. Nice autumn colours and range of different trees. Woods are my big passion.


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