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Normal November service resumed – after a brief cold snap, mild, damp and grey weather has returned. Last weekend we had THO over for the weekend and managed a couple of walks. On the Saturday after a breakfast at Waitrose (I’m so middle class!) we took a walk up Crug Mawr at the south end of the Black Mountains.


And, we had a new friend with us. This is Mac, THO’s dog and what a lovely little fellow he is. Extremely friendly and sociable it was a pleasure to have him on the walk with us. I’d forgotten how good it is to be accompanied by a dog on a walk. Set us thinking and talking about how and why dogs have forged such a close bond with humans from their wilder origins


It more than made up for what was really a pretty dismal day. As you can see from the photos it was wet, dark and miserable in terms of weather, but company turned it into a fine outing.


We didn’t linger long on the summit of Crug Mawr as it was really windy and, well, damp.


At least most of the smaller tops were out of the cloud to give us something of a view.


We stopped for lunch at the little church in Patrishow. Despite having walked past many times. I’ve never been inside so we put that right.


It’s very old and whilst simple is lovely inside.


The carved wood on the balcony was intricate and would not have looked out-of-place in the Sagrada in Barcelona.


The odd skeleton picture at the back is apparently there to remind us of our mortality!


We had lunch in the Lych gate in front of the Church, Mac scurrying around and begging for whatever food he could scrounge with his puppy dog eyes.


We had plans for a longer walk but we felt satisfied with a walk along the ridge on the other side of the valley and down to the car


It’s a fine ridge that see’s few visitors but not at its best today


Crug Mawr


We headed back to fester at home and enjoy and afternoon and evening watching TV and Mac make himself thoroughly at home in our house.





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15 responses to “Winter is Over

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  1. Nice one Andy. It is back to the more grey, mild and blustery weather here too,


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  2. I can see this weather sticking around for a bit, looking at this weekend its the same down here. Might be able to get out for a quick walk though!!


    • I’ve managed to find a way to show Marylins on my OS maps software which has given me some odd targets for short walks locally when the weather is poor. Looking at this weekends forecast that might be useful (I was supposed to be going to Snowdonia but that looks unlikely now)

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  3. I too love hiking with a dog. Sadly my dog has been gone over 2 years….. Loved the pics of the old church!


  4. Poor day, but that church is some find! The detail in the intricate carving is superb. You might be a convert to ‘church crawling’ yet!


  5. Churches like that turn a wet day into a pleasure when you shelter inside. Is that a Labradoodle by any chance? Only seen a couple from a distance but very distinctive looking.


  6. Another beautiful small church. I’m relieved the skeleton is at the back. Imagine seeing that all through the service.

    You say winter is over sadly. I understand. Thankfully our ‘summer’ of last week is over and spring temperatures have returned! After days of 35C, we unexpectedly woke to a chilly 19C. Such a relief.

    Finally caught up. I really have missed the patchwork of the countryside and the openness of your trails.
    I hope the sun finds you again soon.


    • Thanks Helen – always amazing to find these little churches, some of them with some very old features (the font here was several hundred years old as was the scary skeleton painting! I’m sure winter will return with a vengeance soon (at least I hope it does) we had a very cold winter last year and we don’t often have two in a row. Winter in the UK is normally characterised by wet weather sadly, although some of our reservoirs need rain and are still looking very empty after our hot dry summer


  7. Lovely dog!


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