A Dash Between the Rains   12 comments


I’m catching up slowly and this walk was only 2.5 weeks ago. A horrid Saturday and a wet Sunday morning with a poor forecast seemed to condemn us to a weekend of domestic servitude. Sunday lunchtime arrived, clouds cleared and the sun weakly shone so we swiftly headed out for a walk.


Hay Bluff and Lord Herefords Knob is always a good choice for a short notice walk as, like the Sugar Loaf you can park halfway up.


Classic views across the Wye Valley right from the outset.


And the usual leg burning, lung busting steep climb to the top of Hay Bluff



Panorama from the summit


What I wasn’t prepared for was the strong winds and significant drop in temperatures from the previous few days. A north wind meant that wearing shorts was not the best decision!



After a couple of days of damp misty weather the winds had cleared the air and visibility was amazing in the clear sunny spells. We could see as far as Cadair Idris in the southern reaches of Snowdonia




We didn’t linger on the summit for very long. It was cold and windy.


And storms were approaching



This one was definitely coming our way and I feared we were in for a fair old battering


View south down to the Vale of Ewyas


In the end we only caught the tail of the storm and the soaking was very minor as we walked back to the car


Hadn’t expected to even hit the hills on this weekend so we counted ourselves fortunate to grab such a decent slice of wild and clear weather between the showers

Keeping the musical contribution going. A great track from a band who, with the passing of Tom Petty earlier this year, now have less surviving members than departed ones. The End of the Line for this post


12 responses to “A Dash Between the Rains

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  1. Ah the blogging backlog…remember it well. You’re doing ok at only a couple of weeks behind. Coincidentally I have been trying to find both of my travelling willburys CDs…to no avail so far. I suspect the offspring.


    • Always happens at this time of year. I go on hols in the summer and spend ages catching up with what I did. I gave away all my albums and CDs – a man of the digital age with my whole music collection on my Mac and music streaming from Amazon – I guess that makes me a non-believer 🙂


  2. That’s a song that sticks in my head, good job its a good one!


  3. Nice to see grass paths on the way up that hill, an increasing rarity these days with muddy grooves being the norm on most hillwalking hills.


    • They are doing a lot of work on the paths although they tend to use the gravel type which I think are pretty ugly but its better than an ugly scar. The biggest problem down here these days are trail bikes. They have completely destroyed certain sections of path and hillside. Indeed destruction seems to be part of the fun. Its rare to go out in south Wales and not see/hear one. Their profusion is increasing and there seems to be nothing being done to stop it


  4. I love the rainbow pics.
    ‘Domestic servitude’? Have you and TBF taken on housekeeping jobs? Can’t quite picture you as a butler. Or TBF as a cook (excepting her very creditable shepherd’s pie).
    Personally, I always thought that the Travelling Wilburys demonstrated the curious phenomena of the whole being less than the sum of its parts, but each to their own obviously.


    • I always think I’m a slave to the house and chores although TBD+F does most of that. She has many wonderful talents but cooking isn’t really one of them (cuff round the head coming shortly I think). The TWs are a bit same-y after a few tracks but I like this one in particular


  5. Tom Petty…. 😦 😦 😦


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