Night Out in the Black Mountains   16 comments


I’ve been trying to get out more to wild camp this year and TJS was keen for a last trip before heading off to university. Forecast wasn’t too bad so we gave it a go on a Friday after work.


It was past 7 when we set off from the car, windy and cold. We had less than an hour of light left. We returned to the same point by Llyn y Fan Fawr where we camped earlier in the summer. The wind made it difficult to put both tents up at the same time so it took a while to get set up. Pitch dark by the time we’d done so a lazy evening drinking tea and chatting.

Next morning was much better. Brighter with wisps of blue sky


Breakfast in the tent (too windy and cold for an al fresco affair)


Its a cracking spot though


TBF readies herself for a day in the mountains


We left the tents pitched and went for the classic circuit of the Black Mountain range. Same circuit as in the summer but in reverse. I figured as the wind was so strong we’d want it behind us on the higher section



A view down over Llyn y Fan Fawr


TJS on the high level traverse under the cliffs


The old water leat that supplies Llyn y Fan Fach


One of my favourite south Wales views over Llyn y Fan Fach and Bannau Sir Gaer


As we walked along the edge we were engulfed in a heavy shower of rain. Luckily it didn’t last long and we had some nice wispy cloud effects



View from the highest point over Llyn Fan Fawr. Our campsite is in the top left hand corner of the lake



A view down the prominent gully that splits the crags above the lake



Time for lunch at the tent. We had to hide behind the tent for shelter such was the force of the wind


Forecast for the afternoon and next day was very poor so time to get the hell out of there. We packed up and headed down




The views across to Fforest Fawr were excellent


Fan Gyhirych looking dark and moody



There was a lot more water flowing than earlier in the summer


The sunshine on the small waterfalls was very fetching but the water looked cold. Those hot summer days of wild swimming seem a long time ago




Chances to sneak away for a wild camp will be limited as winter closes in although it is my intention to get out and do some winter summit overnights if we get some cold frosty weather.

Having been reading and enjoying Ken Browns new music inspired blog I thought I might add some tunes to my post to broaden the scope a little. I used to create a music tracked slideshow but I’ve lost interest in that of late so I’ll just add a tune that I like to each post. I just happened to be listening to this while I finished this post and as its a sublime and chilled track, one of my favourites I’ve discovered in the past 12 months I thought I’d share it. I like the lyric “Didn’t I take you to, higher places you can’t reach without me”

16 responses to “Night Out in the Black Mountains

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  1. Gosh, that brings back memories. Had something of an epic by Bannau Sir Gaer many years back. Cracking photos.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  2. Wot, no onesie? That really is an amazing edge (I know I’ve said as much before, but…it is!). Radio 1? The kids will be amazed, given your recent apparent ignorance of anything more modern than Scott Joplin. I will alert them to your new-found hipster status.


    • I’m still pretty much in dark ages when it comes to modern music. I should say I didn’t discover this track through Radio 1, just then I went looking for a You Tube version this was the best one.


  3. The are very barren mountains compared to here in Australia. Amazing scenery though.


  4. Always great to see another part of the country that reminds me of my walks up here. That scarp slope with the big puddle below is so reminiscent of the north edge of the Campsie Fells (as is the overall terrain) some 20 miles from here. Made for great walking.

    I see you decided to put some music in after all 🙂 Wow…from Radio1 as well! I salute your bravery. I might not reach that station in my musings for at least another 20 years. This is promising for the future…if you survive the inevitable ribbing that will no doubt ensue.


    • It’s such a wonderful high level stroll with only a couple of steep climbs. Once up there the easy strolling is great, up there with the best in the UK IMHO
      I enjoyed putting some music in. Depending on my mood will determine whether its track suited to the pictures, a track I like or whatever I happen to be listening to at the time. I get ribbed no matter what I do so no change expected 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh…and thank you for the mention of the new blog…very much appreciated! 🙂


  6. Black mountains living up to their name there alright but sometimes it’s the wilder trips you remember the longest afterwards. Never heard of that singer. Like the song.


    • I thought Jamie XX was reasonably well known but I’m the last person who should be stating such things.
      Many wild trips and days I’ve had that I still remember fondly (and sometimes less fondly)


  7. Excellent pitch location, as we remarked earlier this year it seems tailor made for backpackers. I was confused by the photo sequence for a moment until I realised that the tents were left pitched – we wouldn’t feel right about leaving them down there for so long.


    • We frequently leave tents as a base for day walks – based around the fact I’m too lazy to up sticks and move! 🙂
      This is an obvious circuit so made sense to leave the tent and come back for lunch – I was worried the wind might blow them down while we were away though


  8. What a beautiful, misty lake setting for camping. A shame the wind curtailed your stay. Hopefully, you will have another opportunity, before the real cold sets in.


    • It definitely has a fairy tale or Arthurian legend feel about it especially when its swirling with mist. I’d love to camp up there on a cold frosty winter night and its on my list for this year. Its pretty much the perfect wild camp spot


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