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After a short couple of weeks back at work I needed another holiday. As it was TBFs birthday we took a long weekend in North Devon in the camper.


We stayed at the very fine Damage Barton camping site near Morthoe and Woolacombe. Great views across the north coast and Bristol Channel to south Wales and superb facilities will make this a regular spot for future trips. We hadn’t visited this area since the kids were small so I was looking forward to a revisit


The first morning was gloriously sunny and after a morning doing the shopping and replacing the pop up tent that TJS uses we went out for a walk after lunch


It clouded over while we were out which was a shame but the weather was still warm and dry. We wandered through the campsite at North Morte Farm where we used to stay. Its a superb spot as the camping area has great views and feels a bit like wild camping as the fields are tucked into the heathland. The downside is that there are not many flat spots and they don’t take bookings so its pot luck whether you find a suitable spot, more important when you have a trailer tent. As it turned out the site was mostly empty and we would have had a pick of places to set up but there you go. The site has direct access down to Rockham Beach


We spent many happy hours down here when the kids were small as it has a perfect combination of safe swimming, sand and rock pools to explore. At the end of the Bank Holiday week we were surprised to find it pretty much deserted


We had a nice pither about, poked about in the rock pools and sat on the rocks to chill out



Access is by a very steep set of 100 steps that have only recently been repaired after storm damage


Much as I’df have liked to explore further TJF had had enough of walking (she’s not a great fan) so we headed back to the site for a BBQ



Even though it was cloudy it was still warm enough to sit outside and enjoy the views while eating


The cloud cover gave us a pretty good sunset, one of the real benefits of camping on the west coast






A nice start to what turned out to be a pretty decent long weekend away



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  1. Am I right in thinking that North Morte Farm is where we stayed with you? No DBs then! And A only walking with hands to hold, and refusing to sleep in the tent. Blimey, seems like an age. If I am right, I’d completely forgotten about those steps, which seems bizarre: you’d think that they would be memorable! Looks like you had a great spot on the other campsite – it’s a lovely area is that. Stunned to hear that it wasn’t busy!


  2. Smashing rock formations and I love those stairs. Often when you take a photo of something steep it doesn’t do the angle justice but they do look very impressive and intimidating. I know when my friend goes family camping, towing a mountain of gear, he always leaves something or other behind as it’s a long list of items to think about and pack on top of the other general everyday stuff he has to remember as well and tick off … and it’s always “Daddy’s Fault. ” when it happens.
    Ring any bells with you?


    • Yep, that’s one of the few “steep stuff” photos I’ve taken that worked, although in fact, it does make the stairs look steeper than they actually were. I love the rock formations along the coast, like a slice through time


  3. Trying again, had difficulty leaving comments of late. Such wonderful posts too. Fantastic write up, lovely photos..


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
    • Blogger and WordPress don’t seem to get on well together. I always used to have problems putting comments on Blogger sites using my WordPress ID. Much better now although it doesn’t pick up my ID correctly at least I don’t end up not knowing whether my comment has been published or not.
      Glad you enjoyed the post, an excellent piece of coast and quiet considering the time of year


  4. New here…. Good to see the steps at North Morte Farm have now been replaced. Last time we were there the beach was still out of action…. unless you fancied a bit of climbing. This part of North Devon is just wonderful…..


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