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Not sure if this collection of high ground has a name (doubtful as hardly anyone seems to have heard of them) so I’m calling them the Churchstoke Hills as that’s where we parked for the walk.


They are fairly prominent on the skyline from the Stiperstones and Long Mynd and look good on the map so worth a trip out to try and fashion some kind of circular walk


Heading out on some fairly vague paths, our first target was Todleth Hill. The path skirted across the slopes but we were on access land so we walked top to the top. A very fine top with expansive views across Shropshire and Welsh borders


The paths were thin and little overgrown in places but easy enough to follow to our next target of Roundton Hill.  It’s small, perfectly formed and brutally steep


For such a diminutive hill it packs a punch of crags and steep slopes and takes a bit of puff to reach its summit



Excellent views from the top made it worth the effort


A panorama shot looking at the rest of our route




Our next target was the highest point in the “range” of Corndon Hill. Only 500m high it’s lower than both the Stiperstones and Long Mynd but as its steep all round it has higher feel both looking from a distance and when you’re on it


We had a brief stop on the lower slopes as we could see a nasty looking shower heading in which duly hit us for our walk across the top.


Lots of paths on the open access land and some sensational views across the surrounding hills and over to the Cheshire plain. A bit wet but a price worth paying for the clear air and sunny spells you get between showers on days like these



It rained for longer than we’d either liked or thought, probably the best part of an hour so we didn’t linger on the summit


We quickly dropped down to the lower paths and noted that the hill of Lan Fawr just off the right of way was also on access land and looked rather good so we went to the top


Despite the very obvious storms still scudding across the borders we caught a lucky break and had a late lunch on the top in glorious bright sunshine



We found a spot looking out to the west and could pick out most of the main summits in Snowdonia (that weren’t obscured by rain storms)





There were dark clouds moving across the horizon and not wanting to push our luck decided to head down



The views were still magnificent and a stretch of green grassy path studded with gnarled tress was especially stunning



This section was just a pleasure, easy angled walking on soft grassy paths with expansive views and most of the route to ourselves



We caught another couple of brief showers and I managed to fall a5rse over t1t off a stile into a field but otherwise an uneventful return the car



A respectable 8 miles  and well over 2000 feet of ascent for such small hills


I’ve had designs on a walk in these hills for a few years now and never quite made the effort to actually make it happen. It rewarded the effort


Having made the route up as we went along it became a fine circuit that I’m sure will become a regular outing such was the quality


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  1. Looks like a very fine day out.


    • Certainly was. Great hills and fab views. The whole area is packed with interesting looking small hills (a whole chapter in the book!) but it can be difficult linking them together without road walking (as Geoff mentions below)


  2. Quality walking there with grand broad views and pictures. Churchstoke Hills is a good name, we couldn’t think what to call this area either on our circuit that overlapped yours around Corndon Hill (where we pitched at the trig). Generally you fared better with your route, our report does not speak well of the area west of Corndon with regard to footpaths!.


    • Hi Geoff. I’ll have to look through your routes to check out your photos and thoughts. I looked online for walking routes round there and found almost nothing. I’ve definitely earmarked Corndon Hill summit for a camp as its not too far carry water up from the car (albeit a steep climb to the top). I’m thinking a winter overnight to catch a sunrise or sunset


  3. That’s my kind of hill walk. It’s got everything I like in a landscape. Shame about the rain but still looks a great day.


  4. Looks a cracking walk


    Brenda-Dawn Linney

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