Sometimes its Just About Getting Out   10 comments


A short post and a few photos from a walk up Ysgyryd Fawr several weeks back after we’d returned from France.


It had everything I dislike about walking in August. The air was still, it was overcast, humid, and the bracken was smothering the hillsides. The flies were a nuisance.


We sweated our way to the top, feasting on flies as we went


We were glad of a breeze on the summit ridge to cool us down a bit and a blow the flies back to where they came from


We watched a guy flying a small model plane on the summit to keep us entertained


And some brighter interludes before we headed down. Not the absolute most enjoyable walk I’ve taken this year but better than sitting at home


Sometimes its just about getting out……

Posted September 18, 2018 by surfnslide in Brecon Beacons, Wales, Walking

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10 responses to “Sometimes its Just About Getting Out

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  1. Well, yes, and at least it wasn’t chucking it down.


  2. Your walk and views look brilliant to me, but I fully understand the flies and mugginess and the down feeling after returning from a brilliant holiday.

    I love that your trails always appear so clear to follow. It is so difficult here to get directions and maps and as for signposting forget it. Yesterday I thought I was onto a winner. A trail to be followed on Wikloc. Alas, internet connection was quickly lost!


    • Its only when I walk in other countries that I realise we are pretty lucky in the UK. We have environments where you can walk on well way marked paths and areas of wilderness with no paths for a real sense of adventure. We also take our outdoor maps for granted. We have an organisation called the Ordnance Survey who produce the most wonderful maps that contain every possible detail of contours and features. You only truly appreciate that when you try and use maps anywhere else in the world where that level of detail and accuracy simply isn’t there


  3. Bracken, arrrrrghhhh. Hate the stuff. Thankfully I can dance on its brown remains over the next month!


    • I know, during the hot summer the hills still looked green and verdant until you realise all the green stuff was deep bracken. It cloaks the hills up to around 600m where I walk and makes several lesser known hills effectively out of bounds for a few months as the paths are little used and completely overgrown. I’ll take you lead and do a dance when it all dies down! 🙂

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  4. Must be the UK- grey and green colours after the burning blue of France. It’s been a poor month so far after a warm summer. Never mind, autumn colours arriving soon.


    • I’m a hiker of extremes. Once the warm sunny skies have faded I’m longing for winter, frosts and snow. I hate the nether-world between the two of grey warm but warm enough, cold but not cold enough.


  5. Yeah I hate hiking in August too. Hot, buggy, and sometimes smoky around where I live (especially last year with all the wildfires). But always better to get outside and move than sitting at home on the couch.


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