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With the hot weather, taking a walk after work hasn’t been all that attractive an option. What has worked well is a wild swim after work. I drive home along the Wye Valley and we live a couple of miles from its banks. My Wild Swimming guide mentions several places on the river so I gave them a try.

Firstly at Kerne Bridge near Goodrich Castle


It’s so refreshing after a long day in a sterile office to swim in cool water. On a weekday evening you have the place pretty much to yourself. After a dip I went for a short stroll along the river bank



The light was stunning and sky crystal clear


Next outing was to Bredwardine Bridge a few miles away after a day working at home


Its a stunning spot and a very well known one. Even on a weekday evening there were a few families around enjoying the water


The red brick bridge gives a superb backdrop


Next to Sellack Common near Ross on Wye with its quaint suspension footbridge




Before a swim I took a very short walk across the fields to look at the church



And a rather fine one it is



It was fiercely hot so it was time for a swim. The water was warm enough to hop straight in but cool enough to be refreshing. Like Kerne Bridge I had the place to myself


We also have a much smaller local river called the Lugg which if anything is even better for swimming and much prettier even though its walking distance from town. We had a lovely swim one Sunday evening and I took some splendid photos. Sadly I thought it would be a top notch idea to take my phone swimming with me and I killed it and the photos with it. Considering it was an iPhone, a very expensive mistake. Ah well, no point being an idiot if you don’t provide ample evidence

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  1. Crikey. Yes that is a bit of an error. Still some stunning places to swim in the evening on these photos that you have provided. Love the red brick bridge.


  2. Doesn’t this just show all that is great about the English countryside! The suspension bridge looks a bit out of place in the middle of the countryside though, might have to add this location into one of our drives in the area later this year.


  3. Nice post. I remember the girls in my old office always complaining during heat waves as these glass and steel buildings really heat up during the day. I worked outside mostly so avoided that. Not surprised you picked swimming as an option as hard graft up hills in this weather with all the clegs and midges around is not very appealing.


    • Not sure why I haven’t considered swimming after work before now rather than a walk. It’s a really refreshing way to clear the mind after a dull day in front of a screen


  4. Lovely views of the Wye. Swimming after work seems just perfect.

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  5. Wonderful stuff Andy. What a splendid way to round off the day!


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  6. Oh that looks lovely, so tempting and perfect for after work. Are there many fish in there?
    Last time I went swimming in a British river I got barbed wire wrapped around my ankle. :S
    Ouch about the phone, very painful mistake!


    • The Wye has many small fish and I assume much bigger ones but I’ve never seen one as the water is not especially clear.
      Barbed wire is one of mans most insidious creations, I suspect anyone who likes the outdoor life has been scarred by it at some point.


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