Breakfast in the Black Mountains   14 comments


A short post from a week or so back onto one of my nearest and dearest strolls in my local Black Mountains


It was warm and humid and I figured another early start and breakfast on the hill might beat the heat of the day


Wrong! Even at 9am it was sweltering hot on the steep climb up onto the ridge


It’s a fine ridge however and worth the sweaty effort


I walked briskly along the ridge hoping for a breath of wind to keep cool and have breakfast alone (without the company of insects)


I passed the summit pillar in totally calm conditions but when I reached the grassy spot where I’d camped with TJS last year the was a gentle breeze and I set up my kitchen


Bacon and Egg butty on the mountain


I took in the circuit around the Olchon Valley but declined the out and back to Hay Bluff this time. Wild ponies kept me company from time to time



A steep descent into the valley, brought a lighter tone to the gloomy skies



And the short steep climb back to the car


8 mile round trip and back in time for a short rest before joining the Funsters at Bredwardine for a cooling dip in the Wye

Cats Back


14 responses to “Breakfast in the Black Mountains

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  1. Very jealous of these breakfast walks, I’m never organised enough to take brekkie with me as well


    • Takes a little bit of prep to get things ready and a bit more weight to carry around all day but I don’t find it much more hassle than having breakfast at home and it also means you are out earlier with less car parking hassle and often early morning is the best part of the day. Give it a go, you won’t regret it! 🙂

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  2. Breakfast with a view! I may have to try that sometime.


  3. Like that ridge-line and the views.


    Blue Sky Scotland
  4. A delightful ridge and what a fantastic spot for breakfast!


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  5. No black pudding? Your breakfast was a bit pork deficient. Weather looks shocking here for Saturday – I hope you have the prospect of something better. Don’t know what to make of this wet stuff which is falling out of the sky – first serious rain we’ve had for weeks last night. That’s a classic walk is that – aside from the outrageous sting-in-the-tail re-ascent. My try and sell the boys on a early morning walk and fry-up, you never know – they might go for it. Not sure when we’ll fit it in mind.


    • Just a breakfast on Arnside Knott would be rather nice! Don’t ask them just tell them 🙂
      Forecast for tomorrow is pretty poor but possibly better at the end of the day. I’m waiting to see what the forecast for Sunday might be before I decide whether to bother. No doubt the Hard Man has seen a completely different forecast albeit within the same words!

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  6. Love the wild ponies!


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