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Its been a couple of years since I managed to take a walk on my way home from work. A spell of excellent weather in May prompted me to do what I should do all the time which is to keep my walking gear in the back of the car so I can take a hike whenever the weather is suitable. I have a range of short walks I can do on the way home and this is one of the best. A small hill, a short walk with fine views and always deserted at such an unusual time of day. I saw not a soul up here on such a glorious evening





It was pretty much the perfect weather, time of year and time of day to be out in the hills


The sky and the air clarity was exceptional. The sun at just the right angle in the sky to bring out the colours. The trees and fields that verdant shade of green that comes with late spring and the peak of growth


Whilst I have a love of many place across Europe and beyond I often hear the comment that Britain is one of the most beautiful. Looking through these images its hard to argue with that


Bryn Arw is also a fine viewpoint for many of my favourite walks a good number of which are my targets for post work stretches. Blorenge in the background below. Ysgyryd Mawr and the Sugar Loaf in the panorama above


Garway Hill middle distance




There is always time for a brew on a walk and even though I no doubt had an impatient TJS back home waiting for me to cook his tea, he could wait another 15 minutes!


Selfie time


Hatterrall Hill, another favourite


I like using cairns as foreground in photos


The Sugar Loaf, another classic after work target


I think I’ve taken a photo of this tree every time I’ve done this walk


And I think this shot as well. At this time of day and year the lushness and vivid green of these trees always makes me smile and get the camera out – or phone in this case



After a long day stuck in a bland office this was a walk to really lift the spirits.

Bryn Arw



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10 responses to “After Work on Bryn Arw

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  1. What a lovely walk and such a great way to spend an evening after work!


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  2. Doesn’t this current great weather make everything seem easier?


  3. That type of rural but upland landscape coupled with farmland must be in my DNA as I cherish that above any other terrain and the older I get the more I enjoy it, luckily enough, as it will soon be all I can manage 🙂 Very like my childhood haunts as well. Farms, woods, meadows, streams, waterfalls… and great for young explorers to cut their teeth on.


  4. Walking after 4pm = weird. Walking after 5pm = downright dangerous. You are a subversive. That seems to be the considered opinion, at least, judging by how many other people you see out in the evenings. Fantastic set of images – the contrasts between the rough moorlands, the green valleys and the blue skies is superb. I try my best to do this once a week, although obviously my relatively limited commute and the potential for an early finish makes it a lot easier for me.


    • It does seem strange that you see so few people out late although this is a very little known hill (I see a few people on the more popular local hills). I’ve only managed this post work walk once this year as its been a bit hot the last couple of weeks and I’ve been doing a lot of weekend walks as well. The clarity of the light and colours on this walk were astonishing and pretty close to perfect conditions. I would have stayed out longer if I didn’t have a hungry and impatient mouth to feed

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  5. The temperature tends to be better for walking at that time as well, especially after the last week or so of very warm weather. Some great shots over green fields in this batch.


    • My iPhone HDR images tend to overstate the colors a bit but the fields and trees were astonishingly green and verdant and the low clear sunlight lit them up to an exceptional degree. I’ve done some great walks on bigger mountains in the past few weeks but this short stroll was still one of the best

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