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I’m a bit behind on the blog again so let me take you back to the recent spell of hot weather. No, not that one, the one before that, must have been mid-April, maybe. Anyway a few days of hot sunny weather had us planning a some wild camping but forecasts of heavy storms put me off. The best of weather seemed to be Saturday morning and we didn’t want to waste it driving and packing. Me and Sherpa Junior were up and out early with plans to have breakfast on Table Mountain. The day began with a relentless and steep climb to Table Mountain


There were clouds gathering and I feared that the promised storms were on their way earlier than predicted


Not before we reached Table Mountain though where the skies were clear again and after a wander about we settled down for a feast


I’ve often thought about camping up here but its not nearly as flat as it looks from a distance. In fact its extremely lumpy and you’d do well to find a spot flat enough for one person to sleep in comfort


Its a fine place though and this early in the morning we had it to ourselves.


The views across the Usk valley to the Brecon Beacons are superb


We feasted on freshly cooked bacon and egg butties and homemade bread. TJS was sceptical that I could both transport safely and then fry an egg on a  camping stove but I am a man of many skills and managed both without even breaking the yolk. Masterful


Suitably stuffed we headed off to burn off the calories we’d just consumed.


Looking back to the very distinctive Table Mountain


It’s a long high stroll across the two summits of Pen Cerrig Calch and Pen All Mawr, the former with the distinction of a Limestone cap above the more resistant rocks. White limestone boulders seem oddly out of place amongst peat and heather


We arrived on the latter and bid good morning to a couple of backpackers. They looked a little unhappy, possibly due to the enormous packs they were carrying and the fact they looked dressed for winter (waterproofs, woolly hats etc). It was hot and sultry and most definitely shorts and t-shirt weather.


The views were hazy now but it was still warm and we sat on the summit and had a brief rest and power-nap


The clouds rolled in and we were treated to a brief light shower that seemed to herald the storms. A few minutes later it was clear again and blue skies were back in the ascendency. We ambled down the long ridge of Tal Trwynau, one of my favourites.



Rather than trudge back down the road to the car we climbed halfway back up the hillside to the fine traversing path across the flanks of the hills we’d been up earlier. A little navigational incompetence from me added some unexpected fences and walls to cross but otherwise a fine finish as the clouds started to look threatening again (although the storms never amounted to much and we’d have been fine camping out)


A good 10 miles under the belt and pushing towards 3,000 feet of ascent.

Table Mountain



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  1. I like your idea of breakfast on top of a mountain! I must try this some time.


  2. A grand morning there, good views. I know well the frustration of that lawn-like turf that’s so lumpy underneath you can’t really pitch on it, the heather is usually better. Frying bacon and egg up there, now that’s commitment!.


    • I normally carry around a small stove on every day walk, just a bit of extra weight to carry a Trangia and the like. Well worth the effort when you chomp into freshly cooked bacon and eggs in the sunshine 🙂


  3. Never heard of that particular Table Mountain but it looks well named. With the post title I thought for a minute it was going to be Cape Town for breakfast until the first photo. Nice to have some hot spring weather again after winter snows. Same very wrong prediction happened here via BBC forecast. Heavy rain predicted all weekend for west two days in advance… turned out really sunny- not a drop fell. Never went away based on forecast.
    Since they changed it to cheaper satellite maps I’ve noticed a real difference in quality and I have given it time to bed in over several months but would be interested in your own take on it? Or maybe you use an individual mountain forecast instead?. RIP much missed plain and obvious sun symbols over UK areas- replaced with a blank feature instead which may be light cloud- partial cloud- no sun at all due to haze- half sun- full sun – light rain or anything else in-between…. oh and welcome back to blog land 🙂 That’s made me hungry- off to buy bacon and eggs for lunch….


    • I use a combination of the BBC site and MWIS to try and get a feel for the weather. In the UK nothing is ever guaranteed but with a bit of planning and study you can usually get close – although several times I’ve been totally sold down the river by a forecast! 🙂


  4. What a splendid idea, breakfast on the top of a hill! That is a lovely area too.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
    • I should do it more often really, just a takes a bit of planning the night before and its always well worth the effort. Weather tends to be better in the morning, everywhere is quieter and parking spaces are easier to come by. And Bacon and Egg butties are hard to beat 🙂


  5. I guess holding back breakfast is a great incentive to get to the top.


  6. A fry-up on a hill: I’m liking that idea, might have to try it. I’m guessing that this might be the weekend when I climbed Pen-y-Ghent; the forecast offered no promise whatsoever, but the day quickly brightened and was eventually hot and very pleasant.


    • I’m trying to do breakfast on the hill when I got out in reasonable weather. You get out earlier and spend all the breakfast hassle outdoors rather than in the kitchen. Means carrying a bigger stove around all day but worth the effort.
      I don’t think it was the same day as your Pen-y-Ghent walk. It was the day at end of the first spell of hot weather. April 21st I think. I would have gone backpacking with Brian had I known the forecast storms would not amount to much


      • Oh, right, yes, that was a glorious day, we were at Thurnham Hall. I’m getting a bit confused – I had three consecutive weekends away from home.

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  7. I like the shot of the one lone tree on the otherwise barren hilltop. Makes you wonder why only one tree is growing there.


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