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I’ve probably driven along the M6 in Lancashire and Cumbria hundreds of times heading for the Lake District and beyond. As you approach junction 36 for the South Lakes, Farleton Fell dominates the view to the east of the motorway, a massive limestone escarpment that catches the eye and begs a walk. Despite having driven up this way for over 30 years I’ve never been up there. Time to put that right.


I’ve always known this as Farleton Fell but the map seems to show that applies to the northern slopes with Farleton Knott the most prominent, if not the highest point (that doesn’t have a name) with reference to Holme Park Fell and Newbiggin Crags as well.


The road climbs pretty much to the highest point and we set off into what was a very keen and very cold wind. Another beastly one.

The first thing that caught my eye was view across Lancaster and Morecambe Bay to what looked like Blackpool tower far in the distance. There was much scepticism from the kids but I think this proves I was right. You can see the massive rollercoaster in the Pleasure Beach as well on the left of the skyline


It was a pretty gloomy day but we did have some shafts of bright sunlight and as you can see this area of Limestone is rather splendid such that even on a cold grey day its a fine spot


Another one for the much talked about but never to be published “small hills” book


Striding out for the summit




Panorama across the bay


It’s actually quite a distinct edge with some impressive limestone pavements and crags. The DBs were in their element. Until the elder DB banged his arm and DB Junior fell over onto his knees, a painful experience on hard angular rock


The top was colonised by cows sheltering from the wind so we joined them for a short rest. No-one but me seemed all that keen to climb to Farleton Knott but I convinced them




I’m sure, like me , they were glad they did as the views and the limestone scenery were superb


Looking back to the highest point



From summit I could look down on the M6 South Lakes junction that had me excited for reasons probably only I truly understand. Dreams fulfilled we headed back down. It really was bitingly cold



On another day the full circuit of the plateau looks a really rewarding stroll. DB Junior was still deeply unhappy and it looked like everyone else had had their fill so I’ll have to save that for another day. There were some glorious sunny spells that lit up the trees with moody skies behind but I was never quick enough to catch them. This was my best effort


A nice happy photo to finish off


Probably able to round this up to 4 miles if our recent discussions of the accuracy of various mapping methods is anything to go by

Farleton Fell



15 responses to “A dream fulfilled on Farleton Fell

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  1. I envy your vistas.


  2. Oh dear, I look like some sort of sad, colour-blind Father Christmas impersonator. The Blackpool Tower photo is one in the eye for our sceptical kids. Some recompense for our incorrect identification of the views from Carn Fadryn. A fine walk that, and you were right, the short wander to Farleton Knott more than repaid the effort. Still don’t get why you were excited by Junction 36 (I expected a photo at least), but then I’m oddly satisfied when I can see Heysham Nuclear Power Station, which I don’t get either.


    • That hat really isn’t you is it? 🙂
      Junction 36 is iconic for me. It was always a sign that mountains were close at hand and seeing Farleton Fell as it approached has always stuck in my mind. I don’t think any other junctions have the same personal significance for me although I suspect EWO has some – sad git that he is


  3. Lovely wide, sweeping vistas!


  4. That does look a cracking area and I had no idea the Lakes had such extensive limestone pavements. A good one to remember if the higher peaks are covered in clag. Like the Belted Galloways. Hardy beasts and quite friendly.


  5. A lovely area of limestone crags. Always a delight to have a wander through.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  6. Reading the comments this morning has been almost as much fun as reading the blog!
    Your lens certainly has a fantastic zoom. I didn’t realise how close Lancaster and Blackpool are.


    • We often seem to have these odd conversations with each other through the medium of blog comments – I thought it was only me and Mark who found them amusing 🙂
      Its a 30X Optical zoom which gives the same magnification as a 400mm lens. The zoom was taken from the same spot as the second photo


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