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I was reminded by Facebook that on this day a few years back we were sat outside in the front garden soaking up warm sunshine and drinking a chilled beer. Yesterday was slightly different. Another cold snap was back – the Mini-Beast from the East apparently. Mr and TBF headed out for a brief walk on the Sugar Loaf.


There was a light dusting of snow and it was bitterly cold.


There were dark clouds and snow showers all around but we picked a lucky break in the weather. We had several sunny intervals and the snow only found us when we were back at the car




Some of the views with dark clouds, bright sunshine and snow cover




We sort spiralled around the summit to make a more interesting route. The long traversing path across the Northern slopes was plastered in ice and snow. All the heavy rain and wet ground from Thursday night was frozen solid. I should have taken my spikes


The contrast between the sheltered South flank and the summit was staggering. Out of the wind you could have sat and had a break quite comfortably. A couple of yards away up on the summit I could barely stand up. It was as windy and cold as when were in Scotland a couple of weeks back


The sun came out on the top and the views for a short while were superb. Ysgyryd Fawr taking pride of place



It was a day for a full winter wrap up



The paths were treacherous. Much easier to walk through the heather


The storm clouds were gathering so it was time to quicken the pace and try to get back to the car before the snow storm hit


We just about made it!


Excellent couple of hours out in the wild winter that seems to go on forever. I had plans to head out again today. Another heavy fall of 6-8 inches of snow put paid to that. Gives me the chance to stay up to date with the blog .:)



20 responses to “Mini Beast on the Sugar Loaf

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  1. Lovely vistas


  2. Very keen going out in those conditions!


  3. I’ve been out today on the south moor. It was unreal up there, blizzards, white out and other such words that I would associate with Scotland and not Devon!!! I wish the weather was more like yours, snow on the ground and some blue skies. Love your photos


    • We had a load more fresh snow overnight into Sunday and its still bitterly cold even in my village. Its strange that I associate the south west with sunshine and beaches primarily even though Dartmoor is a seriously wild place. Must be strange for you see it in Arctic conditions as I guess that’s pretty unusual


      • We do get some snow on Dartmoor but its not the norm. Maybe once or twice each winter. I know we’ve had at least 4 occasions this winter (two before Christmas and the two beasts since), so this year has been good for snow walks. That was probably the first time I’ve been out in strong winds and snow, its a different world up there when its like that. There was one point were I lost my bearings completely and was walking the wrong way, the GPS screen was freezing and hard to read and the compass came to my rescue


  4. Sitting in my deck chair, having just dipped into the pool to cool off, I can only say how amazingly beautiful your views were. I do fully understand how incredibly cold it is, but obviously totally rewarding or you wouldn’t keep going out in it. Thanks.


    • Not sure why, but there is just something invigorating about walking in such cold weather. When its like this its also “dry” if that’s the right word so even when its snowing you stay dry. I love warm sunshine and hot weather as well. Its the in-between weather I hate, dull, grey, damp and neither warm or cold. Sadly we get a lot of that in the UK, hence I head out whenever I can when its cold 🙂


  5. Lovely, but I want spring and lapwings and skylarks and warmth………


  6. That is very impressive. Well done on getting out there. Your photos sums things up superbly.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  7. Nice landscapes around there. I can agree with the wind chill factor. Had a few days away in the north recently and its the coldest, most savage winds I’ve felt on Munro summits for over 20 years. Very easy to loose fingers if a glove or hat blows away in 50 mph plus gales on ridgelines.


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • To say I was paranoid whenever I took off gloves to take a photo or faff about is an understatement. Mind you I carry several spare pairs of gloves/hats etc in the winter so its more commercial paranoia. Certainly been a cold winter, possible that another beastly easterly may be back for Easter!


  8. Black clouds, blue sky, some snow and some sunshine – brilliant conditions for photographs. Not so good for your hands!



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