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The final day of our trip and more of the same in terms of weather. It’s a long way home on a Sunday afternoon so we were after a shorter day. Somewhere down by Loch Lomond would be on the way home as it were. After much scouring of maps I found the small hill of Beinn Bhreac that seemed to fit the bill. We toyed with the idea of an end to end traverse splitting the cars but decided that was too much hassle and a round trip from Glen Douglas was settled on.


We’d hoped for a few coastal views and over Loch Lomond but it turned out to be the worst day of the trip. After the steep lower slopes we found a very handy large boulder that made a perfect first lunch stop


The cloud was much lower today and we were enshrouded in mist most of the way to the top. There were some steep rocky steps that proved interesting with loose powdery snow covering frozen grass. I took no other photos on the way up until we reached the summit


It was, as expected, brutally wild up on the top. In strong easterly winds even a smaller summit like this (681m) represents quite a challenge of technique, route finding and resilience.


Much like yesterday you’d think this would make for a grim outing but we were all in our element. We thrived on the challenges and we were all sharing smiles again even on the summit with the wind blowing us around


However we did agree that there was little point in making a circuit of the day and that returning the way we had come would be adventure enough


The descent presented no problems and as we dropped down the wind abated and we were able to enjoy the walking in good company again



Looking back to the summit and our route up, still shrouded in cloud


Mandatory selfie


The weather improved as we descended and we got some views of sorts. Not exactly expansive but you take what you can get on a day like this




We returned to our lunch spot for a second bite


Before the finally steep and slippery descent down to the cars and the long drive back south


Only 4.5 miles and a couple of thousand feet of ascent but it felt much longer and tougher. That’s winter mountaineering!

Beinn Bhreac

Not the sunniest weekend I’ve ever had but still memorable for the conditions the challenge and the company. Already seems a long time ago and possibly a while to wait for more of the same as winter starts to draw to a close

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  1. it is somewhat rare these days to get such good winter conditions. Wonderful photos


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
    • We’ve been pretty lucky on these trips the last few years. We had a spell when they were characterised by wet weather and no snow but we’ve had proper winter conditions 3 years in a row now – that luck probably has to change! 🙂


  2. Looks fairly easy on the map, nothing of the sort on the ground. Always good for navigation practice when you get conditions like that


    • We had a couple of spells wandering around aimlessly in the mist trying to work out where we are. The mountains up here can be hard work to navigate as there are loads of small rocky knolls and false summits to confuse you. Great fun though and a great day out to finish a great weekend

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  3. I know photos can’t begin to tell the story of the cold, wind and effort but yours do a dam fine job. I can fully understand the feeling of exhilaration.


  4. amazing vistas


  5. Atmospheric photos and conditions. Challenging weather is always more enjoyable shared with a like-minded group and the Luss hills definitely punch above their height in that way and feel both higher and more remote for a mountain group 30 mins from a large city. Compared to the Munros most of the Luss Hills are rarely visited, even nowadays.


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • We did a walk in the Luss Hills a few years back and really enjoyed it (pre-blog days). Excellent coastal views although I seem to remember we had some hassle trying to work out a route and parking. They are very much back on the radar again as they are handy for walk on the way home after a weekend in the Highlands. Not much in the way of views on this day but we had fun all the same 🙂


  6. Another good ‘un to store away in the memory. Really enjoyed it and got home in time to catch the kids before they went to bed. Bonus!



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