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The rest of the party joined us late Friday night and the usual protracted planing session took place on Saturday morning to decide where to go. There seemed to be a consensus that the high mountains were out of the question as the winds would be vicious and the cloud base down to around 800m. Time to bag a Corbett and luckily the area around Bridge of Orchy has plenty.

We chose Beinn Mhic Mhonaidh further down Glen Orchy. I was pleased as I’d never been down the Glen before and was looking forward to some new terrain. The first obstacle was the fact they were building a new bridge and the diversion involved walking several miles back up the Glen to where the hotel was and several miles back again! Very helpful – not! A bit of subtle moving of site fencing (the bridge was pretty much complete) and a short trespass through the “no go zone” as referred to on the signs and we were back on track


The weather looked a little better than the previous day. Snow was still falling gently and it was bitterly cold but the sky was noticeabley brighter with odd clearer (albeit very small) patches of blue sky and scant sunshine


I normally hate forest tracks but this one was rather pleasant and scenic and mostly a path rather than a track. It gave a nice warm up as it steadily climbed towards our goal


At the edge of the forest we found a very nice and sheltered spot in the trees for first lunch. We figured there would be little chance for further stops higher up and our return route would bring us back here for second lunch later


From here it was 400m of relentlessly steep ground. Snow covered grass at the bottom becoming icier as we climbed




The snow was hiding the watery ground beneath which of course was now solid ice. For a short stretch it became unnerving so ice axes were unclipped and crampons donned




From here to the summit ridge was steep hard snow. Perfect for practice walking with the metalwork. In places the slopes were steep enough to need front points for security. Great fun


You can tell from the broad smiles in these photos that we were all enjoying a chance to walk in proper winter conditions immensely



As the slopes eased we had our only proper burst of sunshine for the weekend. Grins grew broader



The slope may have eased but as we reached the ridge the weather hit us hard. The wind was pushing us around like rag dolls and it was difficult to walk in a straight line. My face was scoured by ice and snow and it was bitterly cold. I was loving it!

The summit scene where I found the courage to expose my hands and take a photo


We didn’t hang around and plunged back down towards the forests. It was amazing just how quickly the wind dropped as we descended from the ridge


These slopes were the only ones where we found any significant accumulations of snow with some very deep drifts


Back to the welcome shelter of the forest for another late lunch


Sometimes a long return walk can be bind but I really enjoyed this one. The views were pretty fine and the provided a nice sheltered route



9 miles, 2,500 feet of ascent Summit achieved and another Corbett ticked. I think I only have a couple of hundred left now!

Bheinn Mhich Mhonaidh

Back to the hotel for another cheeky post walk beer before a grand 3 course meal, stories old and older and falling asleep in the residents lounge. Party on!

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  1. Given the frigid conditions, I am amazed you managed so many fab pics capturing the mood of the weather.
    I’d like to think that I’d be capable of joining the adventure, but realistically I doubt it. The temperature here this morning has dropped to 21C, and the coats are out. So cool and very welcome.


  2. It just looks arctic but its great to still get up to 700m plus without too many risks. A part of the world were most barrel on to get to Glen Coe and Fort William, lovely walking area.


    • Glencoe is superb but just a bit far for a weekend. This area is perfect as its just far enough into the really big mountains without being too far. Mind you it would have madness to go higher than 800m in that weather although I love wild, cold conditions like this. Much better than the soaking I got on Dartmoor a few weeks back! 🙂


  3. A fine mountaineering day out in a lesser known glen. Good video in the last post.( I had to switch search engines to watch it then back again to comment- when I noticed this post that no longer shows your updates anymore on mine -upgrades to existing platforms that worked perfectly well before are always awesome :o)


    Blue Sky Scotland
  4. Amazing vistas. On a long weekend, come join me in a Florida wetland.


  5. Looks rather cold and miserable, but your friends look very happy.


  6. That looks amazing, what a cracking day on the hill, very impressive.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  7. I can imagine how slippery the grass must have been with all of the ice! Love the bit of sun hitting the snowfields.


    • For a few strides it was quite serious, a slip would have resulted in quite a fall, albeit over grass. That bit of sunshine was tremendous, shame it was the only bit in 3 days but in Scotland in winter you’ve have to take what you can get

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  8. Your photos are excellent – I didn’t take many and mostly they are pretty awful. In some cases because I think my phone got quite damp. As you say, this was a great day out: when you’re in the mood, wild winter weather is the best.


    • I keep my phone in a high quality case on days like this – an old sock! Seems to work ok 🙂
      I was even enjoying that wild walk across the summit area when I was struggling to walk in a straight line. Sharing the experience with like-minded deranged people helps. Cracking good day


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