Slow Return to Outdoor Life   18 comments

That nasty bout of flu stuck with me for three weeks and really hit me for six (I still have a nagging cough four weeks on). Last weekend I tentatively ventured out for a day outdoors for the first time since I got back from my ski trip. A short trip that I’ve done may times before but one of my favourite local walks


A decent weather forecast and the cold weather had been replaced by almost spring-like conditions



Through Cwmyoy village and my favourite wonky church


Ysgyryd Fawr as always dominates the view to the south


Wild ponies on the summit


And the beautiful Vale of Ewyas to the north



We found a relatively sheltered spot on the summit for a bite to eat and a chat about TJS impending choice of University. When we set off the fickle British weather delivered a punch. The skies had gone very dark and within minutes it was raining, a cold slanting rain that replaced the spring conditions of earlier with a taste of winter. After a soaking, the skies cleared and all was sunny again


The late afternoon views were rather fine



The Sugar Loaf


And a dark looking Ysgyryd Fawr


I particularly like the light in this shot




Only 6 miles but I was completely wiped out when I got back to the car. Hopefully I can recover some of my lost fitness over the coming weeks now I seem to be over the bug. Always good to use an old favourite to start over

18 responses to “Slow Return to Outdoor Life

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  1. So sorry to read you’ve been laid up so long. Great to be back on trail with you. Lovely vistas.


  2. Bloody good to see you out and about, Andy.
    And the light in the at picture is gorgeous.


    • Thanks Alan, been a frustrating few weeks but hopefully I can enjoy the rest of the winter, conditions looking good for a weekend away in Scotland next week. One of the benefits of a showery day is some glorious light as the sun starts to go down 😀

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  3. Sorry – typos everywhere – can’t hear myself type – Whistletest on.


  4. That looks a nice walk. A lot of folk here have been floored by flu recently


    • Must be one of the worst winters for flu for a while. I know loads of people who’ve had it and everyone seems to have been taking weeks to recover. This is a real favorite walk of mine, stacks of interesting stuff


  5. Sorry to see you have been laid up so long. Recovery can sometimes take a long time. Good to see you managing to finally get out and about. Fantastic photos.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  6. I’m so glad I got to hike with you. So different from my world here in Florida. (Love your wonky church)


  7. Love the church and the wild ponies!


  8. Sorry you were sick. Good to see that you’re feeling well enough to get out hiking again.


  9. B’s struck down now. Been off since Wednesday, which is not like him.
    This always strikes me as a great walk – looks quite varied and I adore the wonky church (if that isn’t the official name then it should be).


    • Shame for B, woudln’t wish this virus on anyone.
      I’ve never seen another church quite like this one. I should make the effort to go in one day when I do the walk in summer. One of my favourite walks, probably into double figures now in terms of how many times I’ve done it


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