Almost a week’s skiing in the Alps   14 comments


January brings my little treat of a week-long trip to the Alps for some skiing.


After a couple of years of less than perfect snow conditions this year was set to be a good one. Tonnes of snow right down to the lowest levels, cold sunny days with a top up of snow forecast for midweek. What could be better


Not having the flu for the entire time I was out there would have been better. Instead of being out every day I had to try to catch a few hours when I felt well enough to crawl out of bed. For the first few days this was pretty much all the skiing I saw – the view from the apartment balcony


It probably wasn’t the best idea to head out into -19C cold dry air with flu but I had to try


I managed a few half days in the first half of the week.


My friends were the best, they never complained about sharing a flat with a seriously sad and ill-looking mate and were saintly in the way they encouraged me to head out, kept my spirits up and did all the shopping and cooking


There are worse places to be ill I suppose and many, many people worse off than me so I put a brave face on things, savoured the great skiing that I did manage and accepted the long lay ups in bed to recover. Good company and many laughs still made it a great week



On the last two days I managed to summon enough energy to ski all day. I paid for it in the evenings but the conditions were superb and as you can see the views magnificent




The classic view of Mont Blanc to the north, showing just how much bigger than the rest of the Alps it is


Some wonderful cloud inversions in the Isere valley


And over towards the Ecrins




I normally take videos but this year it was as much as I could manage just to get out.


As I was trying to keep my exertion to a minimum I was skiing much more in control and strangely felt I was skiing better than I ever have done



It would be easy to look back and be frustrated at how things turned out. seeing the photos now, makes me think of all the good days and half days I enjoyed rather than any regret for the days I missed.

I think I paid a hefty price with my health though. One week after coming back and I’m still not fully recovered although I’m hoping I’ve now seen the back of it. Today has been my first day without painkillers, headaches and a hacking cough. Time to plan some summer holidays in the sun



14 responses to “Almost a week’s skiing in the Alps

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful place! Someday I hope to ski in the Alps too. Bummer about being sick, though. I guess it would’ve been worse to come down with the flu at home and miss the entire trip. Coincidentally, my son and I had plans to meet in Idaho and ski last weekend, but he also came down with the flu, so it became a solo trip for me.


    • I’m treating it as a positive, I was I’ll but I was still able to ski.
      You’d love the Alps, especially this area. There are some massive descents and over 600km of marked runs all really well linked together with a modern fast lift system. And then there is some amazing off piste terrain as well 😀


  2. Beautiful
    Looks like ideal conditions for skiing. Pity you were ill and not able to make the most of the conditions. Hope you get better soon.
    Not one for skiing myself. Rushing downhill on a couple of planks with no brakes has never appealed!


  3. Fantastic views. Shame about the flu. It’s going around here and it seems to be taking at least two weeks for people to get back on their feet afterwards.


  4. Shame about the flu but you certainly got great weather and conditions. I’ve visited the three Vs, M.M. etc but only in summer, backpacking through the region. Just reading Nicholas Crane’s book Clear Waters Rising about walking from Atlantic Coast Spain to Istanbul over every mountain range in the way in one 10,000 km solo trip on foot- including the Alps in mid winter. A mind boggling achievement when you see your panoramas of the landscape involved.


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • It would be superb country for walking in summer if you pick your route to avoid the ski workings. I’ve not been hiking in the Alps for many a year since the kids came along and I miss it


  5. Not feeling well, but still managing to take superb pics on the runs you did manage. So sorry to read of your flu, but glad the week was not completely ruined.


  6. wow…how horrible. But someone has to do it. Thanks for stepping up.


  7. What an awful time to get the flu. Such stunning scenery. Mind, there are worse places to get taken ill! Well done on the excellent photos.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney

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