A Proper Dose of Winter   12 comments


Back to reality after winter sun in Lanzarote. First weekend back and we were in the grip of a really cold spell. Time to hit the hills. We wanted somewhere a bit different so we took to bagging a summit in the Fforest Fawr area we hadn’t done before.

We parked high up on the road through the middle near the standing stone of Maen Llia. It was bitterly cold, frosty air and a biting east wind


Luckily the pathless, tussocky terrain is hard enough work to keep you warm – a bit anyway


There was a light dusting of snow on the highest tops and the views were superb


Looking across to the Black Mountain


Up on the ridge at Fan Dringarth it was staggeringly cold. In fact it was as cold as I’ve been in the mountains for many a year


Not that I mind. I love days like this, clear skies and a cold wind is invigorating and makes you feel properly alive


These are soggy hills most of the time but everything was frozen solid. A bit slippery mind especially where the wet grass had frozen solid on the way down from the summit of Fan Llia



It was definitely not a day for stopping. I wondered where we’d be able to grab shelter for lunch. Halfway round where the path drops to the road we found a surprisingly sheltered and sunny spot by a ford over the Afon Llia


Even just about warm enough for a brew although TJS looked rather dis-chuffed at the protracted stop so I could have a cuppa



Second part of the day was to traverse Fan Nedd back to the car


After  a sheltered lunch it seemed even colder once we hit the wind again. The walking in the crisp snow along the broad ridge was sensational though




Winter days are still the best for me. Nothing better than the crunch of snow under foot and views like this



On the far end of the ridge we exchanged some very brief pleasantries with another hiker – it was arctic by now. I reckon taking windchill into account it was somewhere around -15C




Even though it was still early, it was time to head down, too cold to linger and we’d had our fill of winter for the day


The broad Senni valley opens up as you descend and its a real beauty




A shortish route of around 6 miles but good one

Fforest Fawr

Cracking day. Cold day.

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  1. That is a lovely area, must visit again sometime. You certainly got a beautiful, if cold, day for a walk.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
    • If you stay away from Pen-y-Fan the south wales mountains are wonderfully quiet and unspoilt. Wild camps can be hard to come by (very boggy and tussocky for the most parts) but some quality spots. It was a cracking walk but flippin’ heck was was it cold! 🙂


  2. From sunshine to snow! But I too love a good cold weather hike.


  3. Very jealous of the white stuff on the ground. Only twice has it really been cold down here, too many south westerly winds with rain. As you now know!!


  4. Just a brilliant if chilly hike! I too love that ‘invigorating’ feeling from walking in the cold. Sadly rarely experienced. Go and enjoy some deep powder!


  5. Apart from the cold I’ve decided I prefer autumn, winter and spring to summer. The last few summers here have been dire with heavy rain every second day over a three month period. By contrast there’s been some cracking winter days of fine weather and some long dry spells. Pity about the wind as when its still and sunny it can feel like spring, even in January.


    Blue Sky Scotland
  6. We’ve got snow on the tops and we’ve had the occasional sunny day, but I can’t see when sun, snow and a free day will all fall together. This looks like a fantastic outing. Can’t believe you made TJS wait while you made a brew!



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