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Time to bag another volcanic summit. We’d had another leisurely morning of poolside lazing and strolls along the seafront so an afternoon hike was in order. Today’s outing was on the far side of the Timanfaya National Park to Montana Blanca, or Caldera Blanca. The name seems to vary depending on which map or guidebook you use. It’s obviously quite well-known as the parking area was very busy when we pulled up and its obvious to see why once you reach the top.

First things first, we had to reach the bottom that involved a path carved through one of the lava flows from the Timanfaya eruptions


The fact that someone has decided to drive a path through this stuff is extraordinary. You only have to walk two or three paces off the path to realise how impossible it is to cross without help and how much effort it must take to build


They are interesting with features that form like “rivers” albeit from lava rather than water


They are pretty hard going however and you soon long for easier ground


On the way to the main summit you base the smaller sibling of Montana Caldereta, itself not exactly insubstantial


These volcanic relics of much older eruptions are very reminiscent of the Auvergne in France at least in shape. Those are much older and now covered in grassland and forests


The main summit looks loose and hard to climb from below and you expect it to be a loose pile of dust and rubble. In fact it was quite hard and rocky and a decent path takes you onto the rim of the Caldera. It’s striking and the base of the crater is pretty deep, good few hundred feet I’d guess


This is Montana Caldereta from above. These older cones are called Isoltes (Isolates I assume) and are the older relics that the more recent lava simply flowed around. You can see it quite clearly in this shot


The weather had changed with a bank of cloud rolling in and a pretty ferocious wind blowing. The rim is narrow enough to make it interesting without being dangerous but I was glad the wind was blowing away from the drop into the crater


We reached the top at 461m without incident and in fact just a couple of feet below the summit marker all was calm


The views across this particularly remote and uninhabited corner of the island were amazing


The panorama shot below got a bit interrupted mid-flow as it were (hard taking one in a strong wind) but gives an idea of the massive size and depth of the crater


One of my favourite shots of the day, bright sunshine and moody clouds


I think the big peak on the right is Guardilama that we climbed a few days earlier


Looking out over the Atlantic


Time to head down and continue around the crater rim. There is a path up to the next summit along, Risco Quebrado but we’d started late and still had a way to go, so took a rain check on that one



As with most days as the sun lowers the light highlights the volcanic summits to greater effect




I think (not 100% sure) that this is the Aloe Vera plant that seems to thrive in these landscapes. There are lots of dedicated museums and shops on the island to this little plant and its various unguents and potions


We found a nice traversing path down to the base on the far side of the crater taking in the last of the sunny photos before it started to set


It was a long walk back through the lava fields to the car and it was pretty much dark when we reached it. We were only one of two cars left


Another stunning walk on this strange and beguiling island

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  1. Those crater shots are great. You can see why its such a popular walk


    • You don’t get a sense of how big the crater is either from the map or from the walk in. People had clearly been down to the crater but no idea how they made it, I couldn’t see an obvious way in that wouldn’t have ended in a fall or a slide!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Vast, dramatic, desolate beauty. What a fantastic hike.


  3. What an interesting landscape! Something I have not yet experienced.


  4. Cool place to hike. What views! Kind of reminds me of climbing Mt St Helens (but without the snow)


    • Walking around the massive Volcanic peaks of Washington is high on my wish list. I always look forward to your posts when you walk around there. I read a report that Mt St Helens might be rumbling again!


  5. That crater looks enormous, can’t believe that the hill isn’t higher. Again – fantastic views.


    • It does have a sense of height that belies the fact its less than 2000 feet. The rim of the crater makes for a nice ridge walk (as do many of the old volcanoes) and some of them can be pretty exposed. I really like the smooth sinuous curves

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  6. Stunning landscapes. Always nice to walk along ridge lines and if its a crater rim -even better.


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • The crater rims give a full 360 degree ridge line view (although we didn’t have to time to complete a full circuit on this one). The wind and clouds gave it more a UK autumn feel although the landscape is rather different


  7. Wow, that is impressive, rugged landscape, but it looks to be superb walking country.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney

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