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Playa Blanca sits at the bottom of the island at end of vast expanse of volcanic desert called the Rubicon Plain, that’s pretty flat and featureless. What it also has is its own volcano or least a relic of one, Montana Roja, that overlooks the resort. A tempting target for a walk so first afternoon we headed out to take a look.


We stopped off at the tip of the island near the lighthouse for a coastal stroll first. Not one of the best walks, it’s all a bit untidy with loads of half-finished villas and roads



It gave a different view of Montana Roja. It looks deceptively big from here even though its only 194m above sea level


Add to the fact you can drive a good way up the slopes and it makes a very easy and very splendid short hike. On the way up the views across the old volcanic peaks above the village of Femes opens out, the outskirts of Playa Blanca in the foreground


A panorama looking north towards the rest of the island


TJF wasn’t greatly enthused by the walk and chose to sit on the rim of the crater with her phone pressed to her face. The rest of us chose to walk around the crater to the high point.



The sun was close to setting so the light was stunning, turning the rocks and peaks a deep golden reddish-brown



The walk around the crater is superb, albeit quite short. Nothing better than elevated views above the coast.



A nice contrast between the stark landscape and the gleaming white buildings of the resort



Had TJF not been sitting waiting for us (and we had food shopping to do) we’d have stayed to watch the sunset


As it was, we enjoyed the short stroll and the changing colours. Lanzarote does reds and browns (and black) pretty well


A last lingering shot of Fuerteventura across the water


I meant to walk up here a few times as its such a wonderful viewpoint but we never seemed to get the chance. We did head up on last evening to watch the sunset but there was more cloud about and the views not so great. We did get a few interesting cloud effects though



A small sunny patch on the village of El Golfo


And the Timanfaya National Park (more on both places in later posts)



A sunset hole in the clouds


Fading light on the Femes Hills (my name – they don’t seem to have a name of their own)


There seemed to be thin strip of oddly coloured yellow cloud hanging above Fuerteventura. You can just about make it out in the photos below.


No idea what it was. My guess is sand in the atmosphere from the sand dunes on the north of the island


Our first Lanzarote volcano. More to come


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15 responses to “Lanzarote – Montana Roja

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  1. Good stuff. There are times these days when I crave some proper warmth and sunshine in the winter!


    • Whilst I would always prefer a cold snowy summit under a clear blue sky in winter (like the Sunday just gone), I have to say I’m becoming rather addicted to warm sunshine in the autumn and winter. Sitting on a beach and having a swim under a warm sun on Xmas day takes some beating


  2. What fantastic sweeping views! Yes, a sunset from that vantage point would be awesome.


    • I should have made the effort to head up there most evenings as there were some much better sunset days. It was only a 10 minute drive and 20 minute walk to the top. Great views when we were up there though


  3. Very desert like. A few walking friends have been there on holiday but I always missed those trips unfortunately :o(


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • Its a great place for walking. Some really interesting scenery. Its a beautiful island in a very dry arid sort of way, especially if you make a bit of effort to get away from the two or three big resortds


  4. Bit stunned that it’s only 194m, like you say, it looks enormous in the photo from the coast. Looks like a great vantage point. One to include in the International edition of the book? (Lot of expensive research involved there, but I’m confident that the publishers will fund it after the runaway success of the British version!)


  5. It is certainly stark countryside. I can well understand your appreciation of its warmth in contrast to the UK.


  6. Quite stark, but stunning in its own way. The sort of country where a sneaky bivi to catch the sunset and sunrise would not go amiss.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
    • That thought crossed my mind several times. There are a couple of more popular walks on the island but generally you have the place to yourselves on foot. Sunrise and sunset are the best times as the bare brown summits take on deep glow. Plenty of routes we didn’t get to do which I’d love to go back for.


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