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Over the past few years we’ve abandoned all things Xmas in favour of some winter sun. It seems a fair trade to me and the whole family feel the same. Last two years we’ve been to Tenerife and this year fancied a change so we plumped for Lanzarote. Like Tenerife, I visited for a day on a schools cruise when I was a teenager before the days of mass tourism. It would be fair to say its changed a bit!


We stayed on the southern tip at Playa Blanca. I’d heard a few disparaging remarks about the island “Lanzagrotty” being common but hopefully if you read the posts it has a beauty and charm all of its own and we loved it.


First post dedicated to our immediate surroundings before some further posts on our explorations and hikes


We had a very nice apartment in a tasteful and quiet complex set a few yards back from the cliffs


TJS and TBF sunning themselves by the pool (which was very cold!)



And TBF enjoying the late afternoon sun on the patio



The seafront was just a minutes walk away and was really well done. Traffic free with a very nice paved walkway along the cliffs


I went out there most mornings and evenings to take in the views


You can walk past the new marina complex all the way along the coast into the main town which was always a very pleasant stroll. Flat and with no cars unlike our base in Tenerife the previous year. Also unlike Tenerife, Lanzarote has outstanding beaches. This is the main beach of Playa Dorada and its a beauty



We took a stroll on our first morning and the beach was quiet, protected from wind and waves, with clear calm blue water


There are endless places to sit or to climb down to the rocks and various fishing platforms



This is the Rubicon Marina complex, upmarket with loads of bars and restaurants


Three of my favourite views from the locale

Across the Marina to Montana Roja


The bigger island of Fuerteventura across the water


The mountains behind the resort from the rear of the apartment


Walking the other direction takes you to more great views although the buildings here are older and in need of some TLC




Eventually you pass into the open desert-like landscape and towards the wonderful beach at Papagayo. More on that stunner in a later post




The sunsets were always great and the headland near the apartment was always a great place to sit down and watch the show


The small tower is the Castillo del Águila o de las Coloradas which made a great setting for many a photo



Sunrise on the morning we flew home was pretty good as well




Now I’ve shown you around our Xmas home from home its time to explore the rest of the island


20 responses to “Lanzarote – Playa Blanca

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  1. Blimey you have more holidays than the queen!!! Love the sunset photo, awesome


    • I know – everyone says that! 🙂 I’m off again, skiing in a few weeks (family stay behind though) We are very, very lucky to be able to travel so much, we just make a few sacrifices to make sure we can do it.
      The sunsets are superb in the Canaries in winter, the air is clear and the low sun seems to make for perfect sunsets. I sat on the rocks and watched it on most evenings, even if it does get a little chilly

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  2. You always go to the best places!


  3. Wow, looks like you had a great time


  4. My one and only school trip was a day out to Loch Katrine near Glasgow. Not the only thing that’s changed. We would never have been allowed abroad on a school trip then- completely unthinkable for our school. Great photos. All these places that get a bad rap usually have stunning scenery away from the resorts where 90 percent of the tourists hang out.all the time.


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • My schools cruise was a real event in those days – the SS Uganda. It was a posh cruise ship at one end and scabby youth hostel affair at the other. Wasn’t a great trip – we spent most of the time on the boat but I got to see a few interesting places. Lanzarote (as you’ll see from the upcoming posts) is stunning if you make a bit of effort. Our resort was quite nice and understated but we visited Costa Tequise and it was pretty shabby, very Brits Abroad, pubs, chippies etc. Glad we didn’t end up there


  5. Well worth making the sacrifices to do the travel. We get similar comments.
    Awesome sunrise.


    • I don’t see all that much of the family during the week while I’m at work so we try to do stuff together at weekends and especially holidays. We don’t spend loads on going out, clothes etc or on bits for the house so we can direct all of our spare cash on trips away. We are very, very lucky and always stress that to the kids. Those morning and evening walks were a real highlight although plenty of others too


  6. Hard to tell from the photos – what was the temperature like? Pleasantly warm or proper hot or what? Looks like it might be a bit windy in one of the shots? Lovely sunsets/sunrise.


    • It was a bit cooler than Tenerife. About 20C most of the time which is perfect, warm enough to walk about in T-shirt and shorts (unless you are TBF of course) but not so hot that you are constantly looking for shade. It was windy but easy to find sheltered spots. Not hot enough to lounge on the beach all day but easily warm enough to chill for a couple of hours and to swim. Perfect for walking and exploring as never that hot. One of the days we climbed a old volcano it was seriously windy. The only time I felt chilled was sitting around watching the sunsets. Winter sun takes a lot of beating, we’re a bit hooked on the idea now.
      I really liked Lanzarote, its full of interesting stuff and aside from a couple of resorts it was really quiet and unspoilt


  7. Certainly beats cold, grey, England


    • I can’t imagine spending Xmas at home in the UK any more. Winter sunshine is where its at!

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      • Aye. Feel the same but for various reasons never had the chance – yet. But have had winter breaks in sunnier climes during November/ December a couple of times. And, as you know, I’m still writing up our latest jaunt.


        • As I’m a private contractor I’m forced to take a full two weeks off over Xmas and I got fed up of spending non-work days watching rain streak the windows at home. I try to spend as much as my holiday time as possible actually doing good stuff, life’s too short and all that. I have a couple of friends who went away for Xmas and said it was the best thing they ever did. I asked the family if they would be prepared to give up Xmas in its entirety to help fund the trip and and they bit my hand off. So no presents of any kind or any of the Xmas stuff. We are very, very lucky to be able to do it along with other holidays. Been a big years for trips so we’ll have to scale things back this year, back to camping in France.
          Been really enjoying your trip down under, another place I’d like to do a winter break!


          • I think you’re absolutely right to take advantage of the opportunity to get away in winter. Hope you manage to get to Australia one winter. A long way but worth it.


            • I’d love to do Sydney or Perth for Xmas but its a long way for a couple of weeks – and expensive with the two kids in tow (maybe one for when they have flown the nest!) 🙂


  8. I truly am envious of all of your trips and time off! We love to travel too but just don’t have all of the free time that you do. Looks beautiful!


    • One of the reasons I’ve never considered working in the US is the fact you guys get so little holiday. In UK 4 weeks is pretty standard, many people get 5 weeks. I normally take 5 weeks plus 2 at Xmas which are enforced (I’d probably work over Xmas if I could). Always loved to travel rather than anything else (go out, spend money on the house/garden etc) and there seems little point working hard if you can’t enjoy the rewards. I just hope my kids appreciate how lucky they are that we can take all these trips

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