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I’ve lived down here in Herefordshire for 15 years now and I’ve been blogging since 2011. Occurs to me I’ve never shared any photos of the village I call home so a combination of circumstances allows me to correct that.

When I’m at home either working or lazing I’ve been trying to do a bike ride each day to keep fit and help with knee problems. Last week the cold weather arrived and cycling is not much fun in freezing weather. I changed approach and went for a walk around the village and took a few photos.


Madley’s most striking feature is its church. On a clear day its a very attractive photo subject and one I can see from my desk where I’m typing this



The surrounding area is a little bland, mainly muddy arable fields with distant views to the local hills and a glimpse of the Black Mountains.



Not somewhere you’d drive miles to see but seeing as I can explore without getting in the car it’s not too bad especially on a clear sunny winters day


The other point of interest is we have a major satellite installation on the outskirts. You can just make out the top of the dishes in the photo below



You can just make out the first fall off snow on the low hills below and this prompted the day out me and TJS had the following day and subject of my last post


On the Sunday morning we woke up to this!



It never snowed especially heavily but it did snow continuously for around 24 hours. We had close to a foot of lying snow once it stopped


These photos are from almost the same walk as the first one, so you can see the change!


Many paths were impassable not due to the depth of snow on the ground but the weight of the stuff on the trees and bushes


It was a weird, white and silent world to walk through. The local wildlife seemed unperturbed



This is my road and it remained white and slippery well into the week


The day after, the skies cleared dramatically and it was a glorious day. Well other than the hour I spent digging the cars out!


It would have been a great day for a mountain walk but the roads were still bad and I was supposed to be at work. I had to be content with a lunchtime walk around the village, again following the same route



It was magnificent. Snow dusted trees and fields of pristine snow



I took loads of photos. It’s the first time I’ve seen snow like this (other than mountains) for a long while




There were lots of people out enjoying the snow. Many businesses were closed as were the schools




The church looked different with its caps of snow on the roof



The trees were beginning to shed their snow in the warming sun, a couple of times on my head!




I’ve repeated the walk a couple of times since and now it’s becoming familiar. You start to notice the finer things and enjoy seeing them again as you return


The sheep in the field are like old friends (insert your own smutty jokes as required)



A final view of the church from the meadow behind the house


And a sunset from the front garden


Hope you enjoyed the tour and the snow 🙂


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16 responses to “Home Sweet Home

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  1. Lovely area – there are definitely worse places to live!


  2. Have I enjoyed the tour? Most definitely! Pure white magic for me. I’m still adapting to returning to the heat.


    • Thanks Helen, we’ve gone to the other extreme now in the Canary Islands. The snow from last week seem an awful long time ago. I forget it’s tge height of the hot summer where you are


  3. It is amazing how the landscape is transformed by a covering of snow. A lovely tour around your village.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  4. Nice to see where you live. I grew up on a farm in Iowa in the Midwest. Closest town was a town of 300 people 4 miles away and I went to high school in a town of 1,700 people. I looked up Madley – seems similar in size to my high school town. What crops are grown in the fields there? Every time I go back to the visit my Dad on the family farm, I really enjoy the peace and quiet of the rural community.


    • I’m not entirely sure what they grow as Arable crops, probably livestock feed and potatoes. The main crop in Herefordshire is apples for making cider, very famous round here. Madley is a really nice quiet village, often feel quite lucky to have ended up here. I don’t think I could live in a city any more, happy to pay them visits as a tourist 😀


  5. Oh I just love all the snow! Is it unusual to get that much where you live? Thanks for giving us a tour of your hometown.


  6. Nice to see all that snow and where you live. We’ve had severe overnight frosts here and loads of pavement accidents with folk falling over on the ice but no snow at all at lower levels.


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • The roads locally were a bit treacherous for a day or so but we only had one really cold night. I believe mild weather is back now, seeing reports of high teens temperatures in NW Scotland


  7. The snow makes the sky look so blue! How marvellous:-)


  8. Great photos. The ones with blue sky and snow particularly. A is looking over my shoulder and was all for jumping in the car and paying a visit, thinking that you had snow now. It’s a huge church – features in Simon Jenkins ‘1000 Best Churches’. Next challenge – photos of the historic murals inside.


    • One of our neighbours had built a snowman that I reckon was 12 feet high, a real acheivement. If you get any decent snow tell A and the DBs they need to try and match that!
      I had no idea the church was in some way famous. I’ve only ever been inside for Nativity plays and I was too busy fighting with the pushy parents and grumbling about what a monumental waste of time it all was to pay any attention. I’ll have to take a look inside next time I’m out in the village.
      You missed one of my posts by the way and didn’t comment – very rude! 😦


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