Wild and Windy on the Coast   12 comments


After the calm clear weather on Dartmoor, the next day was a refreshing change. Still plenty of blue sky around but now mixed with some dark black storm clouds and a keen blustery wind. Perfect for a coastal walk. We parked up at Treyarnon Bay, one of our favourites and headed south for an out and back before lunch.


There were some stunning cloud and rainbow effects and some of the clouds looked very angry and full of rain


The stormy seas, crashing waves and winter light make for great photos. I used the HDR setting on my iPhone for these and it takes a damn fine photo


This storm had me worried but it passed us bay


The first stretch to Porthcothan, the next beach along is fairly flat but takes a while to walk as the cliffs are constantly indented by wild, deep and inaccessible coves all with wonderful names.  Pepper, Warren and Fox Coves, Minnows Islands, Will’s Rock


TBH looking happy with a very angry storm sweeping past. Luckily it only rained for a couple of minutes while we were out and we had some glorious sunshine


We hoped there might be a cafe or something at Porthcothan but everything was shut for the winter. We pushed on south towards the headland at Park Head


It was glorious walking if a little wild and windy



Another cove at Porth Mear


And looking back north the way we’d come along Tescore Islands


Time was pressing so we turned around and headed back before we reached the headland


Porthcothan beach was now exposed by the tide and Will’s Rock was framed in the surf


From there it was a race against the weather to reach the YHA at Treyarnon Bay for lunch. We won – just – rain battering the windows as we settled in. It’s a really fine cafe and we had a lovely light Tapas style lunch. A walk of over 8 miles so we’d earned it.


Now the actual plan had been to do some kayak surfing and body-boarding in the afternoon. Sitting in the warmth of the cafe it suddenly seemed like a rather stupid idea. After preparing a detailed list of safety conscious excuses we decided another short stroll along the cliffs and an amble around Padstow was a much more sensible plan



I think the photos justify that decision



Padstow is a tourist hotspot and rammed in summer. In November it returns to being a quiet fishing village with a handful of people. Not a great place if you are on a diet though. Its packed with excellent, restaurants, cafes and bakeries selling pasties and the like. We managed to avoid temptation (other than a sneaky millionaire shortbread) as we were eating out in the evening



The setting sun created some wonderful vistas



The harbour in particular looked rather fine


And to finish off, a couple of photos from our B&B bedroom window. Not too shabby



This is what birthday’s should be about (if you can’t afford a tropical white sand beach anyway)


12 responses to “Wild and Windy on the Coast

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  1. OMG, I have just seen your snow on Flicker. Absolutely magical.
    What a great way to celebrate birthdays. Those clouds are absolutely awesome. Marvellous coastal and Dartmoor views. Both walks invigorating and rewarding.


    • Thanks Helen, it was cracking couple of days and we were lucky to get some clear weather. I don’t mind the showery days as you tend to get clear views and wonderful light effects between the rain. If you like the snow pictures there are some much better ones up there on my Flickr site now from today after the sun came out. Hopefully I’ll do a blog post about them before the end of the week


  2. Great coastal scenery. Visited Padstow and that coastline around 30 years ago. Probably changed a lot since then but a lovely place.


    Blue Sky Scotland
  3. Oh the wide-open views! What a wonderful day you had – and looks like the weather cooperated while you were out there.


  4. What a splendid way to spend birthdays. Must get down that way again sometime. Wonderful that you managed to get a few decent days with good weather. Amazing scenery, lovely photos.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
    • Its always a gamble in November but even on a wet and rainy day you can always enjoy a walk on the beach or a watch the waves crashing in. We got lucky again as we were down here last year in very similar weather with sunshine and showers


  5. Good weather – nice light for photos!


  6. Fantastic photos! The colours are superb and the amazing light and scenery helped obviously. Does my phone’s camera have an HDR setting? (I realise that this question is going to make me look like a complete idiot, but, frankly, I don’t care. The kids were showing me last night how to use the extra battery and already think I am a complete idiot where technology is concerned.)


    • I love these sorts of days. If you can tolerate the occasional battering by a shower, the light is always good and the air clear. Despite the dark clouds it didn’t rain all that much.
      The iPhone you have doesn’t have HDR I’m afraid, only the later phones. HDR just takes a few images at varying exposures and combines them together. The camera on yours is still pretty good and I use my phone as a backup when I forget my camera as I always have my phone with me. I also tend to use it when the weather is mixed as its easier to keep it dry in a pocket than continually putting a camera back in the pack. Modern Smartphone cameras are now as good at taking standard landscape shots as high end DSLRs, what they don’t give you is the chance to play about with settings like ISO, shutter speed etc and of course no optical zoom.
      Don’t forget to have a play with the OS maps service, turn your Smartphone into a GPS device and you can play with maps on a desktop. You can try it for a month for free and it costs £20 a year (or thereabouts) for full access to 1:25k and 1:50k maps. I use it loads now.


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