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Our last day before flying home in the evening was a glorious one, clear, sunny and pretty hot. We decided to take a metro out to the far end of the beaches and walk back along the seafront. We’d been to the beach a few times before, notably on our first day and in the middle of the week for a swim


The first day was a chance to have a sandwich on the rocks





And a stroll down to this all-glass hotel affair at the far end. Probably an ugly monstrosity to some but I quite liked it




A couple of photos from our second visit


We went for a swim this time. Colder than I thought but great to swim in the sea on a warm day at the end of October



The beach front is a good few miles long and really well done. By that I mean it’s not a natural beach. This whole area was derelict and run down before the Olympics came along. In order to make the city presentable everything was renovated and sand imported to make this splendid beach frontage


As it was Sunday it was packed with locals all enjoying some warm autumn sunshine. It was a cracking walk just watching the people and soaking up the rays. Winter is long and cold in the UK so we wanted to make the most of this! 🙂


The beaches are all spotlessly clean and the water crystal clear. Fabulous for a swim but as we were traveling at the end of day it wasn’t really on for us even though it was a perfect day. The whole walk is pedestrianized so no cars to trouble us. There is a bike path as well and it would be a very pleasant leisurely ride


These two skyscrapers and strange sculpture dominate the southern end of the beach. Again I really liked them and I didn’t feel they were out-of-place




After lunch we sat on the beach for an hour or so and paddled in the cool water



A very relaxing way to spend our last afternoon



We took another wander down to the big glass hotel


And its cracking views through the palms back along the sea front


Nothing finer than a stroll in the warm sunshine along a Mediterranean beach.


We took our leave of the beach, walked back to town through the marina, ate some takeaway churros, picked up our bags and caught a train to airport for our flight home. Not back till after 1am but that’s what holidays should be about making the most of every minute


What a fantastic city. Architecture, history, mountains and a long beach. Brilliant way to spend the last week of October



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  1. Gosh, is it possible to get beach envy? A lovely sandy beach and such calm water, bet it is warmer too than back here on the east coast of the UK.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
    • I remember thinking that when I saw your posts about swimming in the North Sea in winter. The water is a little cooler than you expect but perfect for a swim. It really does now feel like a very long time ago as winter takes hold back home


  2. Always feel like its a proper holiday when you do a long beach walk.


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • There is just something special about walking along a beach front, looking at the sea, people watching. Considering this used to be a run down area of docks and warehouses they have done a superb job here


  3. Great way to end your trip!


  4. Somehow, that just looks like that ‘last day of the holiday’ kind of gentle activity that we always seem to do! 😀


    • We’d planned to come home in the morning but the late evening flight was much cheaper so we stayed for the day, glad we did now as it was really nice relaxed finish (although having to go to work a few hours after getting home was a bit of a shock


  5. Loads of fish (and jellyfish) in there too – great for snorkelling. It was interesting in the summer to see the locals arriving late to the beach, presumably after finishing work – nice to have that on your doorstep, or a one euro public transport journey away!


    • I think the proximity of a beach just about pushes Barcelona into first place as our favourite city although the fact we were there for a whole week helped. We did loads of stuff and nothing we didn’t enjoy. Such an interesting and vibrant place. We were only in the water for a short while as there was a bit of a chilly wind blowing but the water was amazingly clear and there were loads of fish (no jelly fish though)


      • Nice to be there that bit longer and for the place to start to feel a little like home. I went to the same bakery every morning and began to feel like a regular, despite the severe language barrier. I liked the fact that it was a city with a beach, but that the beach didn’t seem like the reason for the city, unlike, say Cannes. Where else might be like that? Somewhere in Oz? Nice perhaps? I’m struggling a bit. On the whole cities have needed harbours not beaches! I didn’t know that the beach was so recent an addition. What a splendid transformation. It might explain why some areas near the beach still seem quite seedy and run down?


        • My thoughts exactly, we had a cracking local bakery that was absolutely rammed every morning and they started to recognise me which was nice. It was one of the real pleasures for me of the trip that we stayed right in the heart of the city so you can get to know the local neighbourhood and feel at home. I especially enjoyed that part in Rome.
          West Coast US is the only place I can think of where you have city beaches that aren’t incidental to the city itself (LA, San Francisco, San Diego). Perhaps Sydney and Perth in Oz


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