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From our apartment balcony we could see a fun fair up on a hill. This is Tibidabo, the highest point in the hills in the immediate vicinity of the city. We thought it was worth a look. Despite being several miles outside the city the city transport system saw us easily to the top, by suburban railway, funicular and then bus


The views from up here are excellent. You can just about make out Montserrat in the middle of the photo below


This Radio mast has an observation platform you can go up, one for another day


And of course spectacular views over the city




The hill in the photo below is the Bunkers del Carmel that we visited earlier in the week


And a distant view of the Camp Nou


The hill top is strange mixture of Theme Park and very elaborate church, the Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor


From a distance it looks not unlike Cinderella’s castle at Disney Theme Parks


Its quite beautiful in its own right, just rather odd to see it effectively in the grounds of a cheesy theme park



I liked the contrast between the red and grey stonework



And some nice frescoes inside


The theme park has two areas, the upper level is really simple kiddy style rides. This plane ride is its signature feature and whilst it look impressive from a distance it was amazingly tame and pathetic



Quite photogenic though


This little video gives you an idea of the “thrill” factor


The lower section of the park has some proper rides but we weren’t even allowed in to take a look, tight gits!


Considering the fact that there are only half a dozen decent rides, the entrance fee was typical of Barcelona, namely a staggering £30 each


We declined that offer and satisfied ourselves with a wander about, a laugh at just how pathetic some of the rides were and enjoying the views.


I suspect its better to visit late afternoon and stay till evening when the park is lit up and the night-time views over the city would be great


We were satisfied with a couple of hours to look around as we had a much better evening entertainment planned. Just time for a last evening beer on the terrace




Off so see one of the city’s more unusual attractions


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  1. Now that is something different. Once more, quiet striking architecture too.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  2. That’s a gorgeous church, but weird to see it next to an amusement park. You’re right, those rides look pretty lame!


    • Isn’t it just, one of those things that make you shake your head. The entrance to the church is about 20 yards from the entrance to the park on the same concourse, very strange. Good spot to spend a couple of hours though. I’m not very good at queueing, I have no patience, so my theme park days are over


  3. That church is something else


  4. Some funfair. Like the church- your own personal Jesus approach..


    Blue Sky Scotland
  5. I’d assumed that the church was part of the theme park! The kids were really keen to go – isn’t there a water park there too? At the time, we felt a bit mean not taking them (but £150 for the five of us just seemed too much). Now, I’m glad we didn’t – we enjoyed the things we did do and it doesn’t look like we missed too much.


    • Considering the rides they have the cost was ridiculous. You can pay as you go for the really crappy little rides so you could just do a couple of those. I’d say its worth a trip up there just to wander around for a couple of hours and see the view and I think there is some nice parkland around where that big comms tower is (which you can go up I think). My thinking was that theme parks are something you can do anywhere and there are much much better ones than this. There is far more interesting stuff in the city (including the beach). The fact that it was a holiday weekend and the place wasn’t that busy probably tells you its hugely over-priced for what it is


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