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One of the real pleasures of Barcelona is food! A special short post to celebrate that fact. Any of my readers who may be Vegetarian or a little phased by dead things in shops probably ought to skip this post

One of the big surprises and a must see in the city if you visit is the Mercat de St Josep La Bouqueria. It was like no other food market I’ve seen


The place was packed both times we went and its a real sensory overload for anyone who loves food. They have everything to tempt you. Fruit and Veg, dried fruit and chocolate, spices and a huge variety. Even if you don’t taste what’s on offer just looking at the stalls is an event. It really is a place not to be missed


Being on the Mediterranean, pride of place goes to the seafood. It’s fresh in as much as most of it is still alive and still moving and they have some weird and wonderful stuff. In the photo below, bottom right are Goose Barnacles and they are seriously weird


The sea urchin and crabs were still wriggling. One seafood stall had shrimps and while we were looking the stall holder scooped a few up and the rest all started bouncing around. It was weird and gross all at the same time


Our special favourites however were the stalls that seemed to specialise in sales of the bits we squemish Brits no longer eat. Heads, Tripe, Lungs, Brains, Trotters and the like


It takes me back to my childhood when we used to buy whole pigs and we would eat the lot (although I never tried brain on toast which is a Black Country delicacy!)


On our first visit we tried some of the take away stalls for some fresh seafood


The Funsters were also rather partial to the chocolate coated strawberrys on sticks


The real eating heaven in the market are the Tapas bars and on our second visit I was determined to try one out



You have to hover around and wait for a seat at the bar and we got lucky with this one. The menu is on a hand-printed sheet and you just mark off with a pencil what you want. They then cook it in front of you while you wait. I had the best fried Calamari ever and some blood sausage and onions. It was divine


The hustle and bustle of the place is intoxicating and I absolutely loved it. Eating freshly cooked Tapas sitting a bar in the market where they source the food is quintessentially Barcelona.  It would be the first place I’d head for when I visit again. I could have lived in the place.


A small diversion here to say that outside the market on the opposite side of the road is the Erotic Museum. Talk about sublime to ridiculous


There was a resident Marilyn Monroe lookalike (at least that’s who I assumed she was supposed to be). We declined the offer to go in. Not really a family outing.


Back to food. We ate out many times and it was always excellent. On our second night we ate in a very hectic but friendly restaurant on the seafront for some Paella


The waiter took some photos so a rare chance to see yours truly


We went back on the last day as well for another slap up meal before heading home


We tried some amazing food. I sampled razor clams (a bit gritty for me) and Aubergines with honey and soft cheese (amazing). My favourite dish was the one below. Squid with wasabi deep fried in batter flavoured and coloured with black squid ink. It looks odd but the taste was sensational. It was another really friendly restaurant just around the corner from the apartment (we went twice)


You need to “eat” Barcelona as well as see it!


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  1. As I can’t eat seafood these days due to an allergy the erotic museum would have to do me as a consolation after chowing down on some meaty fare. Looks like you enjoyed yourselves.


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • Eating was one of the real joys of the city. Tapas bars everywhere great for a snack or a full meal if you take on several dishes. Apparently the Erotic Museum is unsurprisingly crap (it’s on La Rambla which is pretty tacky) although you do get a free drink on the admission price!


  2. Oh my, one could go in to sensory overload with all amazing selection of foody stuff. Years back (many!) when I was a farm dairy maid, we had pigs and always had one slaughtered for the farm. Potted brawn etc from the pigs head was far from my favourite.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
    • It was the smell of cooking I remember, especially tripe which my nan was rather fond of. I hated the way it slipped and slithered around the plate when you tried to eat it. I remember brawn and chawl (can’t remember the difference now although both were bits of suspect meat suspended in jelly) although I still like properly made faggots which is on user friendly side of offal. My kids had never seen all this before so were fascinated and grossed out in equal measure. It was great fun! 😀


  3. Mmmm….your post made me hungry! Nice pic of your family and nice to see you on the other side of the camera.


  4. Alas, my hubby is totally unadventurous where food is concerned. Experiencing local cuisine does not figure highly on our travels and I have learned to live with that. He did not enjoy the tapas at all, on our visit last year. We did a swift tour of this market, so it has been a delight to enjoy it through your fabulous pics.


  5. Last time I went to Barca I ended up eating in St Josef 3 times, love the tapas in there. My favourite was the octopus dish I ate, just simply cooked with spicy paprika. Just fantastic food in that city


  6. Definitely chocolate coated strawberries….


  7. I muted buying some very cheap lamb hearts in the supermarket today but TBH told me that the texture is unpleasant. Not sure what possessed me, I don’t generally like offal. We didn’t visit that market, although we did go into a place off the Ramblas which had a fairly astonishing selection of food on offer. Pretty sure we walked past that restaurant on the sea front – they had all sorts of seafood on display and we have a photo of B holding an enormous lobster with it’s claws rubber-banded together to stop it nipping him. He was very happy, but didn’t want to eat there – we end up in some sort of burger place, although I was able to get a huge plate of langoustine prepared three different ways. Our kids were really not very adventurous there – yours did really well by the sound of it!


    • Coming from the Black Country its a legal requirement to eat offal, especially faggots! I draw the line at brains and lungs though. You sure this wasn’t the market you visited as its on Las Ramblas. We loved it, great fun and tastes. TJS is pretty adventurous and of course there is lots of seafood so TJF was happy as well. It was a brilliant experience eating at the bar in the market, real highlight, but I doubt I’d have got the kids to eat there when they were younger


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