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After lunch we headed off on another little tram ride around the city and ended up below the Royal Palace and the Castle district


Its perched on hill high above the river and it would only have taken us 10-15 minutes to walk up. TJF gave me an imploring “please don’t make me walk up that nasty hill” look and I relented and paid a hefty fee for the 1 minute journey on the cliff railway


Quaint, but not quite as enjoyable if it had been free


At least the views across the river to the city were worth it





The area consists of the Royal Palace and the Old Town to the north and all of it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Royal Palace has been around since the 13th Century and has a feast of stuff to do. Museums, Art Galleries and caves beneath the castle



We didn’t have time for any of that and contented ourselves with a walk along the courtyards and walls facing out over the river and city to take in the sweeping views







We came across these guys undertaking some kind of ritual and followed them around the castle for a bit



Walking through to the old town the most striking building is the Matthias Church. Some it dates back 500 years and its an arresting sight


I was fascinated by the roof (a Zsolnay Porcelain Tiled one if you must ask). Reminded me of Lego


Its been extensively renovated over the past 10 years and dazzles from all directions


These strange turrets are part of the Fisherman’s Bastion. It looks medieval but it only dates from 1905. It supposedly has fine views over the city but seeing as they wanted me to part with cash I was happy with, what I assume were, pretty much the same – and free – views from everywhere else on the hill. Takes its name from the guild of fishermen who used defend this stretch of the walls


An equestrian monument by Alajos Strobl stands in front of the bastion



A very fine – and free – view across the river to the city from just next to the bastion!


We wandered down through the old town, cobbled streets lined with artisan shops and restaurants



We walked back down the hill and took a metro back to the centre, stopping off for a beer in Szabadsag Ter and a final play with its fountain


We picked up our bags from the hotel and headed off to the station to catch our next train to our next and final (almost) city on the Grand Tour


What can I say other than I absolutely loved Budapest. Of the all the places we visited it was the one I could actually see myself living in. It didn’t possess the history and iconic sights of Rome or the water and architecture of Venice but its overall sense of uncrowded space together with unique sights of its own put it in a class of its own. We only had 3.5 days here as I wasn’t sure whether we’d like it, or find enough to do. Quite the reverse. There was a whole list of places we never got to see but as I’ve said many times through these posts, a good excuse to go back. Wonderful city



10 responses to “Budapest – Castle Hill

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  1. I have to agree a magnificent city. You had certainly done your homework to make the most of your short time there.


  2. Certainly very impressive, it looks so clean and tidy too.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  3. Love the tiled rooftop of that church! You saw Budapest from all angles – down low on the water and up high on the mountain!


  4. That’s a cracking cliff railway. Love that white palace as well.


    Blue Sky Scotland
  5. Certainly looks like a great place to visit. It sounds like you have return city breaks lined up to keep you occupied for quite some time to come!


    • Superb city, certainly had the most variety of stuff than anywhere else we visited. Very friendly as well and nowhere was especially crowded. I’d go back in a heartbeat and do all the same stuff


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