Budapest – Danube River & Margaret Island   10 comments


After lunch we hopped on another tram and headed down to the south end of the city to pick up a river bus


It was the only time my trusty Lonely Planet guides let me down. Heading for the recommended boat stop we had to cross some busy roads and dusty road works to reach it. When we got there and after several minutes deciphering the timetable it turned out that only a couple of boats a day stopped here and the main route was on the opposite side of the river. We had to retrace the busy roads and roadworks to cross the bridge although it did afford us a nice view up the river


The boat arrived shortly after and we were pleased to find that it was included on our 3 day transport pass 🙂


We found a table at the back and settled in for a very leisurely trip along the Danube


The boat is slow and stops many times but it does pass by all the sights and under all the bridges at a nice steady pace. Very relaxing


The Liberty Bridge overlooked by the monument up on the hill





The Elizabeth Bridge


And the Royal Palace. Loads of people got off here so we were able to snag some seats at the front


The Szechenyi Chain Bridge



And then pride of place, a close riverside passage by the Parliament Building


It looks absolutely stunning and magnificent from the river




The Margaret Island Bridge


Having cruised up the river for over an hour we decided some exercise was in order and we hopped off onto Margaret Island


As the name suggests it’s an island in the middle of the Danube and it’s really rather splendid. In effect a woodland and park with huge expanses of grass and gardens. When we set foot, we heard music and were drawn to a large fountain. It was a display set to the cheesiest music you could imagine. Think fountains set to the music from a cartoon aimed at 4-year-old little girls, My Little Pony or the like, and you get the idea. It was hilariously bad and I wished I’d taken some video.


There are several art exhibitions, bars restaurants and such-like and a huge open air swimming complex. The island is pretty much traffic free and would be a great place for a leisurely cycle around. In fact on a hot summers day you could spend a whole day here rather than the brief stroll we had


Near the northern end were some Japanese style gardens, beautiful in the afternoon sun



All we had to do was to wait by the riverside for our bus off the island and catch a metro back home



Our evening meal was from a Hungarian takeaway. Not only was it excellent (in a huge portions of greasy meat and potatoes kind of way) but astoundingly cheap. I bought 3 huge portions for the grand sum of a tenner in total. The Hungarian Forint is one of those with lots of zeros in before you convert to pounds so it sounded a lot when I paid up before realising how cheap it was. A cracking day finished off with an evening stroll to scoff some more chimney cake


10 responses to “Budapest – Danube River & Margaret Island

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  1. What perfect weather to enjoy the views from the river.


  2. Some of the river craft there put ours to shame for sleek style. Noticed that about the super elegant European ferries in the Med as well. Ours look like Fred Flintstone’s stone wheeled car in comparison for comfort.


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • Some of the boats looked really state of the art with huge sun decks, most with small pools. Loads of them as well. Never been on a ferry in the Med, often thought about a trip to Corsica by ferry (been there a couple of times by air – fabulous island)


  3. Splendid photos, it puzzles me though, how on earth did you managed to arrange such lovely weather?


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
    • I must have done something right! I was pretty sure we’d get decent weather in Rome and possibly Venice but everywhere else was pot luck and we had sunshine everywhere we went (even half a day in Cologne when it was sunny and almost as hot as Rome)


  4. No better way to see a city than from the water!


    • I read in loads of places that all truly great cities are set on water. Rome bucks that trend (it has a river but not a memorable one) but I get the idea. The Danube really sets off many of the cities landmarks


  5. Can’t beat a river cruise – at least that certainly looks to be the case here. Hungarian food: I feel sure that I’ve read that the Hungarian diet is on a par, health wise, with that of the Scots – fair or not? (It occurs to me that I may be offending many people here, but that wasn’t my intention).


    • A lot healthier than than a Scots chippy (which I love by the way!) just loads of meat. All the restaurants looked amazing but there was nothing for old fussy-knickers. We only ate out once and that was in a very nice Italian place


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