On Yer Bike – The Camel Trail   15 comments


A walk on the moors, a walk on the coast, a play in the sea. We needed something else to entertain us on the last day. Some cycling was in order. The Camel Trail runs for 17 miles along the estuary and inland towards the fringes of Bodmin Moor. That would do nicely, we hired bikes, packed a picnic and headed off


Its a supremely easy and flat ride, busy and very popular with families. There are wide and expansive views across the estuary








After passing through Wadebridge the character changes and it becomes a wooded trail. Much quieter and in fact for large stretches, deserted


At the far end near Wenfordbridge we came across this rather nice meadow by the river and had tea, crab sandwiches and cake. Very refined




And then back the same way rather than a trip through the lanes. To be honest the inland stretch was a bit samey, just long stretches through the trees with not much in the way of views. I think a road return would have added some variety but there is a lot to be said for traffic free cycling


We returned along the estuary for more fine views and and ever increasing soreness of backside (a problem I find when I don’t have any cause to ride out of the saddle on a longer ride)




A 34 mile trip took the weekends outdoor distance covered to almost 50 miles. Not bad

Camel Trail

Just a final stroll through Padstow and a quiet sit on the harbour to finish off a superb weekend




Getting older has its benefits, lets just hope I have plenty more Cornwall weekends left in me! 🙂


15 responses to “On Yer Bike – The Camel Trail

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  1. Great photos – what a fantastic ride. Now I need to get out of work and on my bike.
    Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks Bill. I was never a particularly keen cyclist but circumstances have forced me to give it another go and I have to admit I’m quite enjoying it 🙂


  2. Beautiful place to ride! I’d much prefer this path to fighting traffic on a road.


  3. Looks idyllic. 34 miles – no wonder your a*** was sore! A and I were out on our bikes recently – we might have cycled 3.4 miles! (Post to follow, obviously).


  4. Nice varied set of your day. I swapped to a gel slip on saddle years ago (Lidl or Aldi one for around a fiver) plus still retaining cycling shorts as well so no sore bum now which was the big drawback of cycling any distance. My best bike buy ever along with gel fingerless gloves for easing shock vibrations over rough ground. Like the estuary shots and coastal scenery..


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • The Camel Estuary is rather splendid and a real contrast from the coastal flesh pots and the wild moors. I think some padded cycle shorts may have to be purchased


  5. A lovely area, a splendid way to spend a day. Love your high caliber photos


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  6. I do like a nice cycle ride 🙂


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