Showers and Sunshine around Padstow   14 comments


Day two of our weekend away in Devon and Cornwall and time to swap high moors for coastal cliffs and beaches. More showers were in the air so it looked like one of those days when waterproofs would be regularly on and off. We planned to repeat a circuit we’d done a few years back when staying in Trevone, cutting across the peninsula and back to Padstow around Stepper Point. The walk across the fields was actually quite pleasant. No muddy corners or overgrown stiles. The first stretch was through a waving field of young wheat or barley


As we caught first sight of the coast we were hit by the first soaking downpour. Only lasted a few minutes but enough to dampen the spirits a little


Just as quickly the sun came out, spirits and waterproofs were dried out as we walked down to the sea at Trevone Beach



Walking out to the headland, we were soaked again!


This was a short sharp shower and luckily for us the last one of the day. The flowers in the coastal meadow are always a delight in the SW


We circled Trevone Round Hole, one of several sea caves with a collapsed roof in the area



The coastline along this stretch is dramatic and the path twists and turns around the small headlands, revealing numerous caves and sea arches. This is Porthmissen Bridge




This dramatic feature near Gunver Head doesn’t seem to have a name on the map although the parcel split off from the cliffs does, Middle Merope Island



From there to Stepper Point and its abandoned lighthouse its a less dramatic but glorious walk across wild flower be-decked meadows along grassy paths. In the warming sunshine its was marvellous





From the headland you get grand views across to Polzeath and back inland along the Camel estuary towards Padstow (hidden from sight)



The wild flowers in the hedgerows along the path prompted me to take a photo


We took to the beach at Harbour Cove to walk back towards Padstow.


The sun came out in full effect and with the gentle clear waters in the sheltered estuary and the pale sand it felt almost tropical



Without shades, the light was blindingly bright but the scene was a happy one of people strolling and enjoying the simple pleasures of playing with various dogs and kids. I enjoyed this stretch immensely



Sadly the beach finishes among the rocks and you are forced to rejoin the crowds as you head back into Padstow. It was as busy as always but in a nice way. We enjoyed a pasty from the Chough bakery (the best in Cornwall that I’ve tried) serenaded by a half decent busker


A pretty decent 8 miles for half a day but that day wasn’t yet over


Time for some water based fun for TBF at least. Treyarnon Bay is one of our favourites and we headed back again. One of the reasons for visiting Cornwall for my Birthday is for me to catch some waves. Bad news was that my car was in for repairs and I had no way to carry my kayak on the roof of the loan car they gave me. I also had a bad cold and didn’t think splashing about in cold water was a good idea. Last time I was dumb enough to do that I got a nasty sinus infection that I wasn’t keen to repeat


I took on the role of photographer and beach potterer in chief and spent a happy couple of hours poking about on the sand in the caves and watching TBF body boarding







I took a final stroll along the path watching a newly wed couple (the bride in a backless dress) having their wedding photos taken in the strong chilly breeze. She looked very cold!



A superb day finished off with another fine seafood meal at the excellent Prawn on the Lawn


14 responses to “Showers and Sunshine around Padstow

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  1. What a beautiful walk, stunning scenery and excellent photos too. This far north one cannot get a decent tatty oggie.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
    • To be honest all the small local bakeries do fine pasties down in Cornwall, Greggs it ain’t! The Chough is in a class apart though in my humble opinion. Hard to go wrong with a coastal walk in Cornwall, always great views and variety


  2. Fantastic scenery. The surfing looked good too, shame you missed out. Any good crab action? I don’t understand how you resisted the temptation to take a million and one close-up photos of the wildflowers by the coast!


    • Too early in the year for tide-pooling and way too cold! Not enough patience to take too much in the way of flora and fauna photos. As my days dwindle away I need to prioritise every minute 🙂


  3. Your rugged coastline reminds me a lot of the Oregon coast. Lovely wildflowers!


  4. Looked lovely, glad the rain stopped for you!


  5. Padstow is an amazing place when its quiet, that’s just not very often!!. I’ve been in the coastguard station at Stepper Point, well my boys have, as they were shown round and told about the radar and shown the boats out to sea through the binoculars


  6. Great photos. Really loved that part of the world so it’s just a shame it’s so far to get there. Funnily enough, petrol seemed to stretch a lot further in the 1970s and 1980s as I had several summer tours down there yet I was still an apprentice and not on big wages. One of life’s mysteries that….


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • Strange but I used to think the same way about traveling north to Scotland! I used to head up there several times a year to hike, ski and backpack and never gave a thought to fuel costs. Now I get back once or twice a year but spend a lot more time in the SW since we had the klds and beach holidays became our thing


  7. Love all the wildflowers!


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