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Last day always involves a good deal of packing. My trailer despite flipping open/closed quickly still takes a couple of hours to unpack and stow everything, empty water containers and the like. The windy weather helped out by taking my awning down for me the previous morning and bending my poles into interesting new shapes which was nice


It was after lunch before all was done, leaving time for a short leisurely stroll to Wast Water. The kids decided to stay back and play footy. Like the day before there was plenty of blue sky and sunshine and it was nice to catch up with everyone without worrying about covering long distances or the kids happiness


The lake-shore path at the SW end is the best way to experience the classic Wasdale view of Wast Water, Yewbarrow, Great Gable and Lingmell


As well as the Wasdale Screes on the opposite shore (great to look at, awful to walk over)



We sat on the grassy bank and chatted for a while, even daring to paddle in the chilly lake waters


Alas we all had very long drives home so the walk was short yet perfectly formed. In fact a decent day until EWO drew a dark cloud over us all during a discussion about backpacking next Easter. I have no idea where this wording came from or what he was thinking but he said, and I quote ” how many more backpacking trips have you got left in you?” Both me and ED were stunned and momentarily lost for words until we told him we had a limitless supply. I intend to live forever for no other reason that to be an annoyance to every one who knows me for an eternity. Needless to say once we recovered our composure we saw the funny side and began what is likely to be an endless mickey take. Every conversation we ever have now, about anything will conclude with a “I don’t know how many (insert wording as needed) I have left”. Me and ED have a already started and it will probably appear as a regular guest phrase in most of my blog posts


An entire weekend up here without significant rain is almost unheard of. Probably just as well we were there for this one because……

I don’t know how many more of these weekends I have left in me 🙂

The past 4 post photos all collected into a single slideshow with an awesome, Brian Cox endorsed tune for your pleasure


6 responses to “The Shorter Side of Wasdale

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  1. Classic tune! I didn’t know Brian Cox liked it. Actually, didn’t know you liked it either.
    Went to see Prof Cox give a talk on Sunday night: he was awesome, obviously. It was at the MEN. There but for the….etc. Puts the EWOs comment in perspective – maybe that’s more what he was driving at: Carpe Diem.


    • Yep, you introduced me to that tune (I think I’ve used it before on a slide-show) and of course I checked with The Prof. before I used it to make sure it had his approval.
      That sent a chill down my spine to think you were there a matter hours before the tragedy. It does put a different spin on the whole thought process of making the most of every day which I try to do in many senses. I know of too many people who don’t, and end up with regrets or worse. A very sobering week


  2. Beautiful lake and high mountains rising above it. Looks like a wonderful place to spend a weekend camping trip.


    • It’s one of the classic views in the UK despite the fact that by UK standards anyway its relatively remote. Its pretty hard to take a bad photo of it. I often look and think it’s been put together just right!


  3. Still looks quiet and fairly peaceful there. Nice camping spot as well. Hardest part to get to coming down from the north which is probably why I’ve not explored many of the surrounding hills..


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • It does take a bit of getting to from anywhere but it’s always worth the effort. Some fine walking across the spectrum. We reallybstruck lucky with the campsite, kind of found it by accident. The owners are extremely friendly and always provide us with loads of space.


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