The Smaller Side of Wasdale   6 comments


I’ve often looked across the Church Stile campsite and thought that I ought to climb Irton Pike as it looked a suitably rocky and a well positioned view point. Well at least I would have thought that had it actually been Irton Pike I was looking at and not Latterbarrow that sits in front. Still the idea was sound and after another endless faff trying to get everyone together we set off


Through woods and fields filled with bluebells



And through the pastures below the wooded peak of Latterbarrow. There was some vague navigational muppetry and everyone seemed convinced there would be no path around the base of Irton Pike and we’d have walk down to the road at Santon Bridge and back up. I had faith and indeed there was a splendid path that traversed around the slopes to the very steep path to the summit


And a very fine and extremely windy summit it was. Expansive if hazy views and after a bit of searching we found a sheltered spot for a lazy lunch. Another chapter for the “Small Hills with Disproportionately Good Views” book I’m writing – well sort of writing.



On the way down, ED and TBH played the ” just looking at some art in the village hall” card. We introduced the kids to the delights of a pub drink (just lemonade!) while we waited. And waited. And waited. Seems they had no idea we were outside the pub they walked right past and were trying to catch us up. Yeah, right! Choosing to spend some quality time together by dumping their kids on us more like


Luckily all the kids were in fine form, cheerful and enjoying the walk, a pleasure to be with in fact and we had a laugh as we enjoyed the long riverside stroll by the Irt back to the campsite, all taking a chance to poke fun at ED and TBH in their absence. That’ll teach ’em

Irton Pike

Cracking walk, nothing serious but almost 8 miles and good company equals good memories


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  1. Now I like this idea “Small Hills with Disproportionately Good Views”. Its odd that we as people head for the high spots assuming you get a great view. When actually the best views tend to be of the higher spots from somewhere else. The view along Wasdale and Wastwater to Yewbarrow, Great Gable and Lingmell has to be one of those


    • When I was younger, a days walking had to be focused on the highest and rockiest summits and lots of them. Nowadays I tend to look for unusual routes, lonely places that no-one else goes, and of course smaller hills where as you rightly say, you get the best views of the bigger hills. Finding one of these will almost always take you along routes with loads of interesting stuff as well. The view along Wast Water is coming in the next post!

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  2. Eight miles? I’ve underestimated the distance again. Handy trick that, if only every walk had a village hall with an art exhibition on offer. The kids have not reported back on any miky-taking, which is unusually discrete of them.


    • It was 7.4 miles actually but I always round up! It was pretty non-specific and I’m sure you can guess, lots of Prof Cox related comments etc etc. Really enjoyable day though, despite you casual attitude to parenting! 🙂


  3. Enjoyed your latest hill walk! Beautiful countryside you have there.


    • This is a much more pastoral walk than the high craggy mountains nearby. Provided a great contrast to the previous couple of days and a nice easy easy paced day out with all the kids for company


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