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Having spent most of Easter either away or at work I hadn’t seen much of TJF so with the senior funster away I wanted us to spend some time together. She’s not big into hiking so I suggested a bike ride, expecting a negative response but she seemed quite keen. Having been introduced to the delights of the Brecon and Monmouthshire canal a few weeks ago I settled on that. Armed with a quality picnic we parked up at Llangynidr and set off


Having described the route as “flat” TJF was a little miffed to find the first mile has several locks requiring you to actually have to pedal a bit! She survived the experience intact 🙂


As before it was a lovely ride. Not as sunny as the forecast promised but good enough and we enjoyed a gentle ride, ducks under all the bridges and the feathered variety and their young on the water


There is a tunnel on this section but alas for boats only


We reached the pretty bridge where I’d paused on the previous trip and enjoyed a lavish picnic.


TJS is looking pleased having just consumed a large slice of sugary lemon drizzle cake


We took an amble down to the aquaduct over the River Usk to rest our weary butts (I’ve found cycling in the same position for more than 20 minutes is shall we say uncomfortable!)




The views and the scene were very fine and I think TJS was enjoying being out in the sunshine



A day for staying down in the valleys as the Brecons looked a little gloomy




Time to return back to the car the same way. Just as enjoyable but both our butts were glad to see a comfy car seat



Great to spend some quality time with TJF and she seemed keen to do more of the same. She is very much an adventure, water and cycling person while TJS is a hiking man. We have some holiday plans that suit both of them for this year, a bit of a departure from the norm for the family. More of that later in the year


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  1. What a lovely place for a bike ride! What wonderful paths.


  2. TMI regarding your rear-end, but otherwise this looks like a very fine day out.


  3. What a gorgeous place! I love to take long walks in nature, so thank you so much for sharing! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. 🙂


  4. Always enjoy canal cycling as there’s plenty of interest and history along them usually and that looks a good one.


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • Some of the urban canals can be a bit “edgy” if you know what I mean but this one is a stunner. The towpath is really wide so plenty of room to pass other walkers and cyclists and some rather nice pubs as well. There are lots of information boards relating to the history and its clearly been very lovingly restored and maintained.


  5. What a wonderful afternoon with your daughter.
    The scenery along the canal is so special, but I am surprised at the colour of the water. Rain or vegetation affect.
    It is a coincidence that we were discussing how UK streams are always so clear, as we walked this week. Now your pics show brown. Our streams are rarely clear, but are still very dark after the massive rain event.


    • Hi Helen, its actually a man made waterway (we have loads of these in the UK) so the water doesn’t “flow”. They are quite shallow and on this one lots of boat traffic that churns up the mud on the bottom. Most canals have to be dredged from time to time to remove all the silt that builds up as there is no natural flow. They are wonderful top cycle, walk or boat along and are normally a haven for wildlife and wild flowers. I come to love this one over the past couple of months and will be paying it several more visits


  6. Thanks for the explanation. I had forgotten it was a canal as I wrote, but the several I have walked along in the UK were so much clearer. Possible wider and deeper. They certainly make perfect walking / cycling trails.

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