Annual Trip to See the Snow?   6 comments

End of January means my annual ski trip treat. Just a long weekend this year as TJS wanted to try it but can’t take a week out of college so I thought it a bit harsh to go for the full week while he stayed home.

In truth not best skiing trip I’ve ever had. The runes were bad after a journey to the airport involving a puncture, a closure of the M1, getting the flight time wrong in my head and me making my flight with only 10 mins to spare (exaggerated a little for effect – the flight was 30 mins late so that bought me some time) There has only been two major falls of snow in the Alps this winter and slopes were amazingly bare and thin. Looks like there is plenty of snow from the photos but trust me this is bare by Alpine standards. It surprised me greatly to see such a change in the usual conditions. Perhaps global warming is to blame but my Uncle Donald in America told me that’s just a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese so it can’t be that


We did have some nice sunny days though and even if the skiing wasn’t as good as it could be it was still great fun. Clear skies and winter air is always a treat and any day spent away from work is a good one







This does of course leave more time for convivial eating and lunchtime drinking in the sun



My camera had another fit and went into strange mode for the next few pictures. Not exactly representative of the views at the time but an interesting effect






A nice sunrise before a cloudy day


It even rained on my last day – skiing in the rain is even more miserable than walking in it. I’ll leave you with my abiding memory from the trip. The Le Red Wine bar which is now my spiritual home. Gave us a decent excuse to go shopping as its next door to the supermarket. If Carlsberg (or Grimbergen in this case) did supermarkets……



6 responses to “Annual Trip to See the Snow?

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  1. Your post reminds me of the dismal ski season we had in the Pacific NW a couple of years ago. But of course those mountains are much bigger and prettier! If nothing else, at least you were in a beautiful place. And, yeah, skiing in the rain absolutely sucks!


    • To be fair it could have been worse, its just that the snow record in the Alps is normally very good and we’ve had some superb trips. I suppose the phrase “least best” sums it up better.


  2. Bit concerned about the black snow I see you had there. How does that ski – still slippery like the white stuff? Had somebody been out gritting perhaps?
    Actually, very pleased to see some skiing photos, since in I’m in a high state of excitement about our own trip. Kids have been literally jumping up and down with anticipation.


    • No idea what setting that was – very weird images!! No black snow but there was plenty of grassy brown snow even pretty high up. I think there has been plenty of fresh snow since then so should be good. I can sense the level of DB excitement even from here.


  3. Still wonderful scenery and photos though……


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