Short walk along the Cats Back   12 comments

Back to a gloomy January day in the UK. Our first weekend home after the holidays really made us feel at home. Grey skies and seemingly endless drizzle. Well not totally endless as it did stop for a couple of hours allowing a quick dart up the Cats Back ridge in the Black Mountains with TBF


The weather changed pretty quickly from gloomy to a rather impressive interlude of watery sunshine and above the cloud effects



Any walk of this local ridge is a fine one, being one of the very few narrow (ish) ridges in south Wales. We were lucky to catch such an atmospheric interlude




As we reached the summit of Black Hill the lower cloud was starting to dissipate and the blue skies were being replaced by gloom again. We had thought of extending the walk but it looked rain was heading back so we did as well



It may have been a short walk but it was a nice one all the same to liven up a typical January weekend


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12 responses to “Short walk along the Cats Back

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  1. Love the sweeping landscape views atop the ridge!


  2. That low cloud looks fantastic. Short outing, but it looks like you managed quality instead of quantity.


  3. The vista is a tad different to that of your holiday! Fantastic that the weather allowed you out for this refreshing walk. I love how you have captured the changing mist and sunlight. The pattern of the fields is also special.


    • It was a bit of shock to have wear warm clothes and waterproofs! The patch work of fields really stands out from the edge of these mountains – quintessentially British! 🙂


  4. Looks a lovely little ridge, that.


  5. Not an area I’m familiar with but looks a nice ridge-line and spectacular drifting clouds like that enhances any mountain day out. For all its dodgy weather I bet if you lived in a hot country for any length of time you would start to pine for good old UK weather. I know I was halfway through what felt like a never ending endurance test of a blisteringly hot Aussie summer years ago when the best time of day was the few cool hours before the sun arrived at dawn. An hour after sun-up it was hitting 80 degrees already. I used to dream at night of beautiful Scottish drizzle.


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • “I used to dream at night of beautiful Scottish drizzle” – what must it have been like to drive a man to that level of insanity 🙂
      I know what you mean though. My favourite day is a crisp clear winter with the crunch of snow underfoot. And with these low clouds nothing beats breaking through them or to see these evocative views of swirling clouds


  6. Love the clouds in the photos!


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