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It was time for a leisurely day out and we went to the north coast on the assumption it might be sheltered from the wind. We went first to Garachico, which is a lovely town. Its been rebuilt over the past couple of hundred years having been all but wiped off the map by a volcanic eruption and lava flow.

Those lava flows reached the sea and created some deep channels and pools full of crystal clear water. When we came last year  we couldn’t get close as the waves were too big and scary. This year whilst still large we could take a closer look.



As you can see it was still pretty wild and the water was charging up and down the channels in a most impressive fashion. You see pictures of people swimming in these channels but I can’t imagine it ever being safe


There are some deep pools that are sheltered from the waves and they did look very clear and inviting (had it not been for a sanitary towel floating in one!). The crabs seemed to like it here though



The whole area is criss-crossed by concrete walkways making for a very entertaining amble with the added risk of the odd soaking from an occasional larger wave


I waited for ages to see if the family would get such a soaking but circumstances wouldn’t oblige



The old harbour has been splendidly restored and they have put exercise machines out. The juniors posed for me after some pressure. I would have had a go but I have a bad knee



We wandered into town and had a marvellous lunch in an excellent and exceedingly friendly restaurant on the town square. Goat and fresh fish was the order of the day


To fill the afternoon we thought we’d take a look at Puerto de la Cruz (PDLC), the original Tenerife holiday resort. We parked up by the western beach and walked along the shore, through town and back to get a feel for the place. The waves looked a bit scary so we declined a swim

Next to the beach was a huge area of piled stones, several hundred of them, all together, impressive and surreal in equal measure



The waves were mighty and judging by the efforts to block them and the obvious damage they still cause is testament to the power of the Atlantic swell



We wandered past the harbour into the busy heart of town


We wanted to take a look at the Lago Martianez, a huge complex of swimming pools that appears on every image of PDLC. It occupies all of the headland to the left of the hotel in the photo below and I have to say it looked pretty impressive and is probably worth a day out


PDLC also has some fine views direct to the summit of El Teide (you can’t see it from the west and south coast)


Apart from that and whilst we did enjoy our afternoon we weren’t all that taken with PDLC. It looks dated with lots of high rise from the 70’s and its loud, brash and a little tacky. I think it needs some serious money spending to bring back to life. The north coast is stunning but I think I’d choose to stay elsewhere


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  1. The Mrs likes the Kinks so good choice of tune on this one. I can only assume those towers on the beach are a spanish version of cairnsy in this country!!


    • I still fin myself saying from time to time “I didn’t know Ray Davies wrote that” or “I didn’t know this was a cover of a Kinks track” – good to see he is now “Sir Ray”. The towers were a slightly surreal sight next to a busy beach!

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  2. PDLC – nice place to spend an afternoon but not a holiday. These rock sculptures are found all around the world now, but hail from the Inuk sculptures of the N. American One Nation Tribes.


  3. Interesting harbor and I wouldn’t want to swim in there either!li


  4. “I waited for ages to see if the family would get such a soaking but circumstances wouldn’t oblige”
    How inconsiderate – it’s frustrating when your nearest and dearest won’t collaborate in producing a comedy photo!


    • Some people just think of themselves. The only eprson who got wet was me as I paddled over a walkway where the water was slightly deeper than I thought. Cracking and interesting sport though. Shame PDLC was more like Blackpool seafront but it was fun in its own way


  5. Hi Andy, following your blog for a while now and I really like it! I found it while searching for walks in the Lake District area. Could not find your email on the website, just wanted to ask you which of the Canary Islands you would recommend for walking? Cheers from Southampton, Bastian


    • Hi Bastian. I’ve only been to Tenerife so I can’t really comment on the other islands.

      Tenerife is great for walking with loads of all varieties. Stark volcanic landscape, major peaks, forest and coastline. I would say you need a car to see the best of it though. Some parts of Tenerife are a little ugly but its mostly stunning. I’d avoid the summer when it would be far too hot for walking. There are good walking guides by Cicerone and Sunflower (the Landscapes series) which are easy to find online

      From what I know both La Palma and Gran Canaria are also great for walking but there are walks on all of the other islands as well. The same companies as above also doe guides that cover most of the islands. I can see your mail address in your comments so if you need more information let me know and I’ll contact you directly


      • Thanks a lot for that and for the recommendation of the walking guides, I will have a look and let you know if I need more information. We will probably go in March/April. Cheers, Bastian

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