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Well here I am up to date with my blog. More to do with the fact that injury has curtailed my activities but finally no blog-log, blog-age, blog-jam or any other made up words I find childishly amusing. A weekend in Nottinghamshire to help TBF’s mum celebrate her 80th birthday. I’m hoping that I still look as young, fit and sprightly at 80 as she does. The main event was a very nice Sunday lunch in the local pub but the previous day gave us a chance to visit Bradgate Park near Leicester


An urban park may conjure up images of muddy duck-ponds, battered play areas, graffiti and litter. Bradgate Park was a bit of a revelation.


I’d visited before on a very cold and bleak October day a few years back and hadn’t retained much of a memory. Its a huge sprawling spread of heathland, forest and lakes that incorporates a deer park. As you’d expect the deer are habituated to humans and are easy to get close to and photograph



The park is also home to the ruined mansion of Lady Jane Grey, the one who was queen for 9 days until someone got bored and relieved her of her head


Its a wonderfully open place to stroll and despite the cold we enjoyed a ramble out down the broad lower valley


Plenty more deer to spy as we walked, often only a few feet away




We stopped for tea and cake by the lake, as you do on cold winter parkland stroll and then returned by way of the higher ground up to Old John Tower and its war memorial. The views although a little grey were exceedingly fine. I especially like any vantage point where you can look down over a city skyline in this case Leicester



Light was fading fast as we reached the tower and it was pretty chilly but I was learning to love this marvellous “park” and its many natural and man made features




The photo below says “cold” with no need for words


A very fine and relaxing way to spend a birthday afternoon


And so that’s it for another blog year. We’re off at the weekend to see the rain splatter the windows at a private hostel in Ingleton with friends and then heading straight to the airport to fly out and spend the rest of Xmas break in Tenerife (to watch the sun stream across the poolside patio). That of course means I start the new year several blog posts down so normal service will be resumed

Happy Xmas and New Year to you all!

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  1. Such cute deer!!


  2. My favourite place (even better than Skeggy) when I was a nipper. I was a bit boring I think: “What do you want to do today?” “Go to Bradgate Park!”. It had ruins, deer, rocks to clamber on, big old hollow oaks to climb inside (you can spot the really old trees, they were all loped off when Lady Jane Grey met her fate), a shop with nice strawberry ice-cream at Anstey, and above all lots of space to run around in. Fantastic! I think I’ve been back once in the last 30 years, but I suspect I could still find my way around (not that it’s very complicated I know). As I said, Beacon Hill and Swithland Woods are also worth a look.


    • I was hoping this might rekindle some good memories for you. It looks like you could put together some pretty decent long walks. Even though it was a busy Saturday (there was a Xmas market on) there was still plenty of space for a quiet stroll, or a little more adventurous for the brethren of danger and their ilk! 🙂


  3. I hope I can celebrate my 80th with a hike. Beautiful images of the deer.


  4. What wonderful photos of those deer 🙂


  5. Never heard of that park before but it looks good. Similar landscape and feel to Mugdock Country Park above Glasgow and about the same distance from the city. Fallow deer are really special.


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • Its always a pleasure to finding these treasures in the UK. I find this part of the East Midlands a bit bland for the most part so somewhere like this is a real find. The deer were fantastic, took as while to sport the first few but then you look around and they were everywhere


  6. I love Bradgate Park although you have to watch out for ticks! My kids love scrambling on the rocks by the war memorial.


    • Its a rather splendid place full of interesting stuff, we had a great day out. Where there are deer there are ticks – must remember that if I ever visit in warmer weather for a picnic!


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