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As the name suggests this was a short walk a couple of weeks ago with TJS. After a catered breakfast in Waitrose in Abergavenny (what sort of knob I have turned into) we headed up the Sugar Loaf. Been up here many times so just a few photos


Weather let us down a bit. Forecast was for clear skies but while we scoffed bacon and egg sarnies a belt of low cloud descended and lingered over the hills all day while patches of sunlight were visible everywhere but where we were


Still it made for some atmospheric cloudy shots and we did get a brief burst of sunshine on the summit





Could have been worse and it was good just to get out. I did at least achieve the objective of working how far I can walk before my knee becomes unbearably painful. About 3-4 miles and a few hundred feet of ascent/descent if you’re interested. Just as well there are some good TV series around at the moment to binge watch. Also means I have less to write about. Just one more post to catch up on before I’m up to date and head off for some winter sun (preceded by some Yorkshire rain)

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12 responses to “Short Post for a Short Walk

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  1. The moody photos were well worth the effort IMHO. Very nice.
    I wish wordpress wouldn’t do the whole snowflake thing – very distracting. It was boring the first year they did it, now it’s just annoying.
    Bah Humbug!


  2. Can’t win them all weather wise but nice light and shade effects. I was wondering about the snowflakes as I thought people were adding them in themselves. First noticed them in Moonlight and Hares.


    Blue Sky Scotland
  3. I like how the sun lit up the lower valley!


  4. TJS looks cold and miserable walking up the hill, but I love the atmospheric feel to all these shots, especially the first.


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