Funster Birthday Weekend – Trevose Head   10 comments


A coastal walk today to contrast with the moorland walk of the previous day. Before that a nice little photo of our B&B


We’ve walked many stretches of the coast in the neighbourhood having spent many family holidays down in Cornwall. Trevose Head is one neither of us had done so it seemed an obvious route. Winter had arrived and it was windy and bitterly cold but with a sharp clarity to the air and hopefully not too many showers. We parked up by the beach at Treyarnon Bay, one of our favourites but today we were the only car there


It was a wonderful morning, crashing waves and a mix of blue skies and threatening clouds


Along Constantine Bay beach and then past the very splendidly named Boobys Bay




As you approach the headland there is another “Round Hole” where a sea cave roof has collapsed. Very impressive.



The walks continue around the headland and past the lighthouse




As you round the headland the next three coves of Mother Iveys, Harlyn and Trevone Bays come into view


Mother Iveys Bay is steeply shelving so the waves hit the shore close in making for a great scene of Atlantic aggression.


As we approached Harlyn Bay we caught a glimpse of a seal and he played in the waves while we watched for a few minutes


Onto our last beach at Harlyn


I liked the contrast between the clouds the rippled sand and the seaweed covered rocks


Back along the lanes to the car and with a seven mile walk I was feeling the knee strain when I got back to the car. We decided that we’d earned a lunch at the very nice cafe at the YHA, soup and cider the order of the day


We actually managed to go in the sea as well for some kayaking and body boarding fun. Unsurprisingly we had the sea to ourselves what with it being bitterly cold. I wish I’d taken my camera as after one bruising hailstorm the views were sublime.

A cracking day finished off with another meal out, this time at The Basement in Padstow and once again, wonderful food as part of an ongoing birthday treat. A sacrifice I was willing to make 🙂


10 responses to “Funster Birthday Weekend – Trevose Head

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  1. Have to say The Stone Roses was on my bucket list for an awful long time, got to see them in June this year. Did not disappoint! Great tune


    • Alas I’ve never seen them live even though Manchester was my second home for a while. “Waterfall” is still one of my all time favourite tracks – I’ve used it a couple of times on my blog slide shows

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  2. Wow. Stunning scenery and weather. Looks really quiet too.


    • Quiet, more than likely as it was November and bloody freezing! Have to say a winter walk along the coast in the sunshine with waves crashing takes some beating, especially when you follow it with a swanky meal in a nice restaurant.


  3. I was awake early as I’m suffering a bad dose of jet lag. The bonus is I have had a lovely catch up read of your posts from October on. What a beautiful [art of the world you live in and I love how you and your family make the most of it. We hiked for 7 days in the Alpujurra in Spain. It was a great experience, a lot of hard work but with the exceptionally dry conditions, the views were quite stark. Give me green any day. Great to see the cycling is working out and hopefully the knee won’t hold you back from your love of hiking for too long.


    • Hi Helen, sorry for the delayed reply. WordPress thought you were new to my comments so hadn’t told me you were waiting to be approved. Glad I was able to get your through some jet-lag! 🙂
      We all like to stay active and enjoy the outdoors and I love writing up the trips. Its always nice to get some contrast and whilst like you I prefer greenery there are times in the UK when I long for some warm sun and blue sky!
      Off to catch up on your blog posts now


  4. Great photos. I’ve always liked coastal walks as well as hill walks as I get bored just sticking to one thing all the time. That walk looks a cracker.


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • Thanks Bob. On day like this, all dark skies and fresh blustery winds its a perfect way to spend a day. This time of year its nice and quiet as well. Going in the sea in the afternoon was probably pushing things a bit far though! 🙂


  5. Lovely wild coastline! Nice photos – I especially like the puffy clouds you captured.


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