Two Men and a Kayak   2 comments


As part of my efforts to keep active while not walking, a trip to the coast with GM to play in the surf with the kayaks was in order. Rest Bay near Porthcawl ticks all the boxes being close to home, easy parking, a short walk to the beach and great surf (and a great cafe with cookies to die for)


A grey day so not much in the way of photos


The surf forecast wasn’t great but as it turns out the waves were excellent. One of the best days in the surf I’ve had for a while


A great day out and another where I finished the day tired, exercised and without knee pain although I did collect a few bruises for my trouble


I didn’t have my Go Pro Camera so no video footage either. As a special treat a video from a couple of years back and a trip to Rest Bay in January – one of my better video edits. Enjoy


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2 responses to “Two Men and a Kayak

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  1. Bit of a grey day by the looks of it, but at least you were making the most of it.


    • Some sunshine would have been nice but kayaking is great on a day like this as the weather doesn’t really matter. Had I stayed at home I’d probably have spent all day wasting time and doing domestic chores


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