Paddling over Mynydd Llangatwg   6 comments


A repeat walk with TJS of a short hike I did last summer on a very similar day. The edges of of the Craig y Cilau escarpment are very fetching in summer when they catch the sun (the are in permanent shadow in winter). The autumn colours were again superb and the views across the Usk valley to the Sugar Loaf are always especially good from up here



Scrambling to the top of the eroded and now grassed over mine remnants is great fun, gives a certain miniature mountain arete sort of vibe



The old tramway beneath the limestone cliffs gives a wonderful level stroll. Despite its majestic appearance it seems to be completely off the radar and we rarely see more than a handful of people up here




I’m especially fond of this grassy (and boggy) meadow with its views back to the escarpment. Its certainly better than trying to tackle the wooded slopes higher up from my last visit




Time for the contrasting second half of the walk. Up above the edges and on to the expansive grassland behind the escarpment


There is a summit of sorts where we paused for a snack before heading into the wilderness


Being Limestone scenery there are a couple of seriously big sink holes up here


We headed over to the lake of Pwll Gwy Rhoc. Last year the area was a little boggy but bearable. This year it was a lake everywhere. Trail shoes were a bad idea. By the time we reached the lake shore my footwear was at maximum saturation point


I had my swimming stuff with me but TJS had a look that said he didn’t want to hang around in a cold breeze in the middle of an expansive bog waiting for his dad to take a dip. We just pressed on through more bog and sat on the edges for a late lunch so I could wring the brown water out of my socks before heading back to the car



6 responses to “Paddling over Mynydd Llangatwg

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  1. Wonderful views there! 🙂


    • Its a walk of real contrasts. Dramatic limestone edges and old abandoned quarries with a wild and untamed bit of moorland behind. Don’t think my son appreciates my off-piste as much as I do though!


  2. That’s an area we’ve noticed on the map to the east of Cefn yr Ystrad but never visited, this report depicts a really interesting pocket of Wales to include in a backpack despite the bogs. I would imagine it’s pretty well deserted most times too.


    • Its a very wild remote and unwalked area, you see a few people along the paths below the edges (they are very close to the roads) but hardly anyone up on the moorland. There are some dry spots around to throw a tent up but lots of bog to squelch through to find them!. You could make a very fine 2-day circuit from Llangynidr. The ridge above the the Tal-y-Bont reservoir is also very nice with lots of flat grass for a pitch if you haul some water up.


  3. Blue skies and amazing views again! And once again, everybody else’s loss seems to be your gain. Top stuff.



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