Solo traverse of Hergest Ridge North Face and Hanter Hill South Ridge   4 comments


Well I had to do something to make these hills sound exciting.

Seriously a very fine stroll indeed when faced with a solo walk. TBF was in London watching the Piano Man himself, TJF was at a friends and TJS too lazy to come out, struggling as the was with his first week of early starts at college.


It was early September (I think!) and the first flush of Autumn colours were out. The forecast was pretty ordinary but it turned out to be a rather splendid day of powerful sunny intervals and dark brooding clouds



My target was Hanter Hill, a small subsidiary top to the north of the main Hergest Ridge massif. Thinking I was being clever, I thought I could traverse around to the col. Anyone who knows my local hills also knows that they are cloaked in the deepest bracken at this time of year. It was tedious wet and slippery and I cursed my way across the slopes for a good half hour on the faintest of paths



Thankfully I survived the jungle and arrived at the col under blue skies and swiftly climbed to the top of Hanter Hill



The views were impressive over the various ranges of heather cloaked hills and green valleys of this little known corner of mid-Wales



I even got an aerial view of the huge Gore quarry that seems to be completely devouring Old Radnor Hill


After a brief rest I headed down and back up over the main summit of Hergest Ridge, joining the many families enjoying some autumnal sunshine




Only a couple of hours but a nice walk if you stay on paths on don’t head off-piste into the wastelands of bracken!


4 responses to “Solo traverse of Hergest Ridge North Face and Hanter Hill South Ridge

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  1. Excellent looking wander 🙂


  2. You traversed a steep slope through tall bracken? You have officially become the EWO’s acolyte! Did you ask yourself for a stop, and then reply – ‘good idea, we’ll stop just over there’, in a vague noncommittal sort of way, which promised nothing? Are you finding that your toes point outwards at 90 degrees when you walk? You’ve also taken up cycling! Do you now support approximately 80% of football league teams? Have a care!
    On another note – have you considered changing the blogs name to Blue Sky Wales – not original I know, but entirely appropriate. Looks like another magnificent outing. Shame on D, he missed out.


    • A comment with more words in than the post – interesting challenge. I’ve always looked up to EWO (insert short-person joke of choice)
      Not so much Blue Sky Wales as Fairweather Walking!


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